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Going Green

From 1 January 2014 New Waste Regulations come into force

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations will come into force for most businesses on 1st January 2014 requiring materials such as glass, plastics, paper and card to be presented for recycling. A separate food waste collection will also be required for businesses working in food retail, food production or preparation.

Upon the regulations coming in to force, non-complying businesses could be penalised, including the imposition of fines up to the statutory maximum of £10,000. The imposition of penalties could also see non-complying businesses suffer damage to their reputation and lose business as a result.

See more information on the changes here at Resource Efficient Scotland.

To raise awareness of the project, as well as allowing businesses to take steps to be compliant with incoming legislation, Dunfermline Going Green are pleased to offer FREE internal paper recycling bins and internal food containers, plus bin liners, to BID Members. More information on this offer is available here.

Dunfermline Going Green, supported by Dunfermline Delivers is a partnership project between Binnwaste Management, Secureshred Scotland and Junk Ants and offers a competitive package that is fully compliant with the Regulations

Businesses signing up to Dunfermline Going Green will receive appropriate support in order to ensure that they are complaint with the Regulations

Dunfermline Going Green aims to achieve high levels of recycling and offers a cost effective service which will not only offset future increases in landfill tax rates but could also help your business save money

The powerpoint below outlines the going green project, the change of legislation and how it affects your business.

For more information please contact Dunfermline Delivers on 01383 732226 or email marc@connectingwithyou.co.uk

Going Green