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What is a Business Improvement District?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is businesses working together and investing collectively in local improvements, in addition to those delivered by the statutory authorities, which will be of benefit to the businesses involved whilst contributing to the sustainable economic growth of the local economy.

By working together businesses can reduce costs, share risks and create new platforms for growth.     

BIDs in Scotland are not restricted to town and city centres, to allow for innovative BIDs to be developed in areas such as the hospitality sector, tourism and visitor markets, commercial or industrial districts, rural areas, agriculture or single sector businesses who wish to collectively improve their business environment. 

They are often, although not exclusively, a partnership arrangement through which the local business community and the statutory authorities can take forward projects which will benefit the local economy. 

A BID is not a substitute for central or local government investment, but an additional investment to strengthen the local economy and give local businesses a unified voice, helping to provide an arena for businesses and local authorities to increase their understanding of each others priorities.

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