BIDs Company Plant Seeds Of Success (15/05/13)

The Business Improvement District (BIDs) company, Dunfermline Delivers, has been awarded £12,000 to enhance the visual appeal of the city with the overall aim of instilling civic pride and attracting new visitors. 

The fund, awarded by Fife Council, will be spent on increasing the number of existing floral displays of hanging baskets, tiered planters, barrel planters and flowerbeds throughout the city centre and main arterial routes, as well as supporting ongoing maintenance.

The investment will also lay the groundwork for entering Dunfermline into the Beautiful Scotland Awards.

Spearheaded by Maggie Mitchell, Chief Executive of Dunfermline Delivers, the Dunfermline in Bloom initiative is designed to encourage visitors, residents and businesses to work together to improve the environment.

Maggie explains: “It is truly amazing the difference that plants and flowers can make to the landscape and feel of a place. Independent research has identified that an attractive commercial centre is vital to attracting prosperity and instilling civic pride as well as helping to develop and strengthen partnerships involving local business and the wider community. 

“The Dunfermline in Bloom campaign will make the streetscape more appealing, complement recent city centre regeneration projects and help to promote Dunfermline as ‘the place to be’ - a great place to live, work and visit.” 

Fife Council's Area Service Manager Joe McGuinness added his support commenting. He said: “ Fife Council is delighted to fund and support the Dunfermline in Bloom initiative. We recognise the importance of this initiative to increasing the vibrancy and appeal of Dunfermline and the lift it gives to visitors, residents and those employed in the City Centre." 

Dunfermline Delivers is interested in working with other organisations and community groups on this project. Please contact Maggie Mitchell on 01383 732226 for further information.