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The First Pet for a Child

Almost all parents, at some point have to deal with the situation when the child ask them to get some pet. And even if we have enough living space, such a decision requires some serious consideration, as it is a huge responsibility. We need to determine whether our child is ready to take care of an animal and if we have enough time every day to help him with it. And of course, we also have to decide what kind of an animal will be right for our family.

1. A Fish

If your child won't stop begging you to buy some kind of an animal, but your flat is too small or you're too busy to look after it, a fish can be a perfect solution. They need very little care on everyday basis and what is also important, they don't cost much to maintain. 

Goldfish may be the best choice in this situation, as they are quite resistant to harsh conditions. They may live in cold water in the small fish bowl, and they do not need any filters or other extra accessories. All your child will have to do is to feed the goldfish regulary and once in a while change the water in the fish bowl.

2. Hamster or Guinea Pig

Small furry animals that live in cages are also a pretty good joice, especially if our children want to interact somehow with their pets. They need a little bit more of attention than fish, but they still do not cost much trouble and are adorable.

Of course, you will have to buy a proper size cage and all necessary accessories, but after all, keeping a hamster or a guinea pig in the house isn't linked with huge expenses. They will be perfect as the first pets, because they require minimal maintainance, but at the same time can teach our children responsibility.

First pet for your child

3. A Bird

Birds are not as popular choice for the pets as other animals, and it is not much of a surprsie. Some kids would really like to have a colorful bird in their house, but you need to remember that they are very gentle and needs a proper training. Though if your child is older, responisible and patient a bird may be a good choice, especially in small flat. You just have to be prepared for quite a lot of chirping and squawking in your house, as these animals love to imitate noises aroud them.

4. A cat

Cats along with dogs are in the group of the most popular pets chosen by families. They are incredibly cute and fluffy, but at the same time they do not need as much maintaince as dogs. We just have to provide them with food, water and litter box. However, we should also remember that cats may be quite distant animals, which do not like to interact with their owners all the time. That is why, they may not be the best choice for younger children, who don't understand that.

5. A dog

Dogs are often the first choice, when we think about getting a pet. They are lovely and build a strong bond with humans, thanks to which they usually becomes our children's best friends. However, they are also animals that require a lot of attention. The child will have to feed the dog, go for a walk at least twice a day, and play with him, as this animal loves his owner and want to interact with him as much as possible. So before you agree on getting a dog, you have to be sure that your child can handle this responsibility.



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