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Apple Shape Body – What to wear?

Identifying your body shape is a very important matter if you want to find out which types of clothes are going to look good on you. Some people tend to think that one body shape is better than the other, but the truth is that every single body type has its advantages. The point is to find out what they are, so we may show them off in the right way.

Apple Body Shape – Is It Your Type?

About 14 percent of women have an apple body shape, which basically means that their weight is mostly concentrated in the mid-section and above the waist. Many ladies believe that it has to be connected with large belly, but that is not true! It only means that the centre of gravity is located in this specific area, where your extra weight may also reside. But what are other characteristics of this body type? These are:

  • Broad shoulders
  • Thin arms and legs
  • Wider torso and fuller bust
  • Undefined waist
  • Flat bottom
  • Narrower hips

Find the Right Top!

In case of women with apple shaped bodies, they should pay some extra attention to the cut of the tops they choose. First of all, it should flatter your bust, which is definitely your strong point. But at the same time, it also needs to draw the attention away from your waistline, as it is not well-defined. The good news is however, that there are plenty of choices from the most popular tops’ shapes available on the market.

Dress for apple shape body

V-neck tops should become your best friends, but also look for A-line silhouettes, tunics and boyfriend bottom-ups. On the other hand, try to avoid any shirts or dresses with high or decorated necklines, boat neck and off the shoulder cut, as they will make your shoulders look even broader.

When it comes to the coats and jackets, women with apple shaped bodies will look fantastic in A-line or straight, knee-length trench coat. Also jackets that hit at the hip or upper tight will flatter your figure.

Dresses are another piece of clothing that simply needs to be a huge part of your wardrobe if you are an apple body type. You will look stunning in strapless styles, as well as in maxi style and wrap dresses. And what is really important, if you like the way your legs look like, don’t be afraid to wear mini dresses!

beauty dress for apple shape body

Jeans and Pants Ideal for Apple Shaped Bodies

Women with apple shaped bodies usually have really great legs, and they need to show them off. This will help them to balance their look, as they will draw more attention to the bottom half of it. However, too tight pants and jeans won’t do the trick, because your legs may look too thin in comparison with your mid-section. That is why, you should wear denim, flared, wide-legs and boot cut pants. Also, try to always choose pants with back pockets. That way, your flatter bottom will be defined better.

Your legs will also look great in shorts, even those really short ones. The only thing you need to remember, is to choose the high-waisted cut, thanks to which you may avoid a muffin-top effect. The cut that nips your waist will definitely make it look a lot slimmer, and that is exactly what you need.



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