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Are diamonds already passeed?

When we hear about an engagement ring, the first thing that comes to our mind is, of course, a diamond. Questions about its size and shape are immediately asked. No wonder, the rings with this stone have the biggest stars, and the brands that make them, such as Tiffany&Co or Cartier, have already become cult. Recently, however, we hear more and more often about other stones in engagement rings. Could it be that the diamonds were already passeed?

Royal blue

Since Prince William asked for the hand of Kate Middelton with the help of a beautiful sapphire ring, the stone has returned to the graces of future brides. Each of them wanted at least a little bit like a princess. Jewellers quickly understood this trend by creating entire sapphire collections, making the blue eye ring a sales hit. For several seasons sapphire replaced diamonds in engagement rings and every fashionista dreamt of such a ring.

Coloured rings

In recent years, the choice according to trends has been simple either an engagement ring with a blue eyelet or a classic diamond. However, 2019 introduced many changes and greater diversity. Now the future brides have almost no more restrictions. When it comes to stone, there are many options. However, ruby or emerald is most often chosen in addition to sapphire and diamond. A very interesting option are rings with pearls, which until recently were an unusual faux belt taking into account the symbolism of pearls - tears. Fortunately, this has changed, because not only are they very elegant, they come in many shades. Also in the context of ring selection there is full freedom. It can be white, yellow or pink gold. An interesting alternative are also those combining several gold colours.

Timeless diamond

Though it might seem that diamonds will come to the background as far as engagement rings are concerned, it is nothing more misleading. They returned in great style together with other royal engagements. This time thanks to the Meghan Markle ring, a beautiful classic ring with a square diamond.

No wonder. Diamond has been the most popular stone in engagement rings for decades. Jewellers compete in inventing new shapes to give it originality and modern character. You can choose from classic square and rectangular stones, as well as slightly more unusual shapes - teardrop, oval, or even heart. The variety is also in the number of stones. The most classic option is one large set in the middle, but there are also models with an eyelet made of many small diamonds or rings planted around the stones. However, it is certain that a diamond will never come out of fashion, and a ring with this stone will always be elegant.


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