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Bags for autumn and winter 2018/2019 - the latest trends

Autumn has already been with us for good. Most of us have stored fabric sacks, linen backpacks and bags in the wardrobe in marine belts. It's time to prepare your wardrobe for the new season.

In spring and summer, we prefer lightweight, often fabric bags, which are perfect for loose, holiday styling. However, when the temperature starts to drop and the leaves on the trees turn yellow, most of us think about replacing the bag with a slightly heavier, thicker and more durable one. The most popular models are made of leather and suede.

Bag with tassels

Bags decorated with tassels are one of the most popular models this autumn. Small postmen decorated with long (often very long!) tassels enjoy a special love of fashionists. This type of handbags fit perfectly with jeans jackets and leather cowboys, which are one of the most fashionable shoes of this year.

How to create an interesting style with a fringed bag? Put on a loose black dress, black concealed tights, a denim oversize jacket and comfortable boots. Ready!

Handy case

If you are a fan of elegant styling, a trunk-shaped handbag should appear in your wardrobe this autumn. Almost the whole fashion world has gone crazy about them! Designers, models, celebrities, bloggers and the most important influencers in the fashion world love trunks.

In the collections of the most popular shops you will find trunks of various colours and patterns. From small models decorated with colourful embroidery or glossy stones to large, minimalist bags with architectural sticks.

Trunks look great in combination with elegant clothes. To create an interesting style, you can be inspired by Victoria Beckham - wear black fabric trousers with a wide leg, a shirt tied under the neck and a shuttle on the post. Stylish case and ready to go!

Bags with decorative handle

Are you fascinated by the world of high fashion? In this case you should put on the most original bag of the season - with a metal, decorative handle. It can be a small bag with a big golden wheel (such a model is in the Chloe fashion house collection), or a bag with a handle planted with colourful stones.

This type of handbags look best in the company of original clothes. Put on a camouflage shirt, a moment of jeans and fashionable white boots. You can put an oversize coat on your shoulders. Choose a bag with a decorative handle and you're done!


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