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Earrings - a small but important part of the styling, which you need to know how to choose!

Even the best hairstyle may not be complete if you don't complete it with the right accessories. The ideal solution in this case will certainly be to choose the right jewelry.

Earrings are the most popular jewellery element among the majority of women. No wonder. The earrings are suitable for most hairstyles, and skillfully selected can subtly emphasize the oval of the face.

How to choose the right shape of earrings?

The earrings should be matched not only to your style, but also to the occasion on which you put them on. In the case of business meetings, as well as every day to work, discreet jewelry will work perfectly well. So it is best to bet on gold or silver earrings, of course screwed in. These can also be earrings with pearls. Beware of heavily decorated jewellery. Eye-catching earrings can be an element of styling during evening outings. When it comes to choosing jewelry on a daily basis, we already have a lot of freedom here. Of course, also in this case you have to keep moderation and remember that jewelry can not overwhelm us and should only emphasize our appearance and not play a dominant role.

When selecting earrings you should also bear in mind that they should be adjusted to the shape of our face. Holders of an oval face will look great with earrings of triangular or square shape. The triangular face will look great with small screw-in earrings, which will make the face look fuller optically. On the other hand, in the case of a square face, you should choose earrings of oval shape, so that you can soften its features.

Wedding earrings - what kind of earrings to bet on?

Wedding styling is not only a dream and long-awaited ideal dress. Equally important are the appropriate accessories in the form of jewelry. Wedding earrings should be matched to the dress and hairstyle. If you decide to wear a braid, you can opt for a distinctive earrings that will emphasize the character of the wedding styling. In this case, however, it is worth giving up the veil, because too many elements of the wedding outfit can cause too much chaos. Gentle wavy earrings, preferably with pearls, will look very good with a chignon and slightly updos. If you want to have your hair loose, you can opt for long, hanging earrings. This kind of wedding earrings will be perfect also when we decide to wear a dress with a neckline. It is also worth remembering that wedding earrings must match the other elements of jewelry worn on this particular day. If you decide to wear not only earrings but also a chain, in this case the earrings should be small. However, more expressive can be worn when they are the only element of jewelry.


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