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History of clothing - How did the clothes come into being?

The history of clothing dates back about 30,000 years B.C. - this period is indicated by excavations with the first needles made of animal bones, probably used to make simple fur and leather garments to protect people from the cold and other unpleasant effects of precipitation.

Since antiquity, fashion has been created by the rulers and their courts. At that time, clothing was used to determine the social status - scientists and workers, married women, widows and maids dressed differently. The garment also emphasized the material status.

Creation of fashion

Only in the Middle Ages did the development of clothing reach such an extent that it was possible to talk about the creation of fashion for the first time. The first diverse men's and women's costumes appeared, the development of which was influenced by the current trends, which resulted from contacts with the Middle East, which was an inspiration for clothing from this era - rich decorations, floral motifs, colourful and richly decorated fabrics, sophisticated headgear. They were available only to certain social groups from higher spheres - rulers, landowners and wealthy bourgeoisie.

Popularization of tailoring

With the advent of the rebirth, more attention was paid to the fact that the clothes should fit and lie well, which is why the tailor's profession became as popular as the clothing itself, and the service of tailor's corrections with a good professional cost more than the clothing itself. The very fact of going to a tailor also became fashionable and was also a determinant of social status - people from lower social classes did not have enough money to take advantage of such services.

Development of the textile industry

With the arrival of the 17th century, the first steam engines were developed, which played a key role in the emergence and development of the textile industry. As a result, a large volume of ready-made clothes was produced, which contributed to a sharp drop in clothing prices and its popularisation. In the nineteenth century the first sewing machines were built, which reduced the cost of using tailors' services, and in the twentieth century there was a dynamic development of fashion.


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