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Hourglass Body Shape - What to Wear?

Every woman is different and it is a beautiful thing, but when it comes to the shape of the body, they seem to have problems with their image. There are thousands of women who feel insecure about the way they look, but they often do not realize that even if they consider some of their features as flaws, they may easily hide them with a proper outfit.

Hourglass Body Shape - Is It Your Type?

As a matter of fact, a lot of people think that hourglass figure is a perfect shape of the body, because it is very balanced. But not many women can say that they have such body type, as there are only about 8 percent of them. In this case, the weight seems to be spread evenly to the lower and upper parts of the body. But what are the main characteristics of this particular shape? These are:

  • The same size of bust and hips
  • Well-defined waist
  • Curvy and round body shapes
  • Fuller bust, hips and thighs


Find the right top!

When you go shopping you should remember one very important word, which is 'fitted'. That means you need to buy fitted tops that nip in at the waist. It is the best possible way to emphasize your beautiful curves, but without adding too much to your bust. That is also why, you should avoid any kind of details that add volume both at the bust and the waist, such as bows or ruffles.

Look for V-neck, round neck and boat neck shirts, blouses, sweaters or dresses. They will all suit you perfectly. As well as wrap tops and peplum blouses, which show off your well-defined waist in the right way.

wear for hourglass body

You can easily highlight your fantastic body features with the coats and jackets in a proper style. Trench coats, belted jackets, bombers and blazers may be an important part of your wardrobe. Try to choose short and shaped outwear, which end above the hips line.

When it comes to dresses, there is no doubt that the right one can work some magic. Your attention should be drawn especially to the wrap dresses or those which are fitted at the top and flared from the waistline. But empire silhouette will also work for you, as far as it won't be excessively embellished in the bust zone. And what about more flowy and loose styles? As a matter of fact, they will be good for you too if you add some belt of course to emphasize you waist.

Jeans and Pants Ideal for Hourglass Shaped Bodies

Many woman who have hourglass body types want to hide their wider hips and make their legs look slimmer and longer. And they can achieve that aim with the right trousers. The boot-cut and wide-leg styles are definitely a good choice, but you need to be careful with the skinny jeans. You may look quite short and what is worse also stout in them unless you have long, lean legs.

Also, high-rise and mid-rise trouser should be the best choice in case of women with hourglass body shape, as they elongate their legs and make them look more flattering. We tend to choose pants with some kind of embellishments, but with wider hips, you need to avoid any of these. Plain fronts and pockets are the best possible solution when it comes to this type of bodies.



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