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How do I choose a styling bag?

Shoe bag - this rule no longer applies. The bag should first of all be composed with the whole outfit, it can match other accessories, e.g. scarves. It is also worth considering your silhouette type, because the handbag sometimes emphasizes the drawbacks of the figure.

The bag does not have to fit shoes

Contemporary fashion is governed by rather liberal rules. The bag does not have to be perfectly matched to the footwear, but it should fit in with the whole styling. If you want to choose a shoe bag, you should pay attention not only to the colour, but also to the material. For example, a lacquered bag will not go well with suede shoes. These accessories can also be combined on a contrasting basis, e.g. black boots and a white bag. However, you should always remember to be moderate. The patterned bag fits into an economical and subdued outfit. Red bag is a perfect addition to small black and classic pins. For patterned dresses should be selected subdued, one-colored bags, you should avoid bright accessories, e.g. sequins.

The bag selected for the silhouette

When choosing a handbag it is also worth paying attention to your figure. Low and small people should avoid large, massive bags. Such a solution will work well in the case of fluffy ladies, who may additionally decide to add accessories made of patterned materials. Large breasts can be optically reduced thanks to the postman's bag. Tall, slim people look best with very small or very large bags. Bags worn diagonally and hung at hip height will not have a positive effect on the appearance of women with pear-shaped figures.

styling bag

Bag and styling

The clutch bags fit perfectly with men's outfits, such as jackets and suits. A black handbag on a chain is the best match for a formal dress. It is worth taking medium sized bags to work. Keep in mind that the bag has a huge impact on the final look of the styling. Choosing another bag can completely change the character of the outfit. It is enough to replace a practical, large bag with a small clutch bag decorated with sequins to go straight from the office to the party.

Bags made of decent material

The material of which the bag is made will be crucial for its appearance. The most elegant are the leather ones. Real leather accessories are not cheap, but they retain their elegant look for years. Worse materials are less durable, get damaged and dirty faster. The bag is the most important attribute of a woman, so it is worth choosing bags that reflect our personality. It should be remembered, however, that the bag cannot be damaged or stuffed too much.


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