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How to choose a wedding dress for a silhouette type?

Choosing a wedding dress is a very important issue for every bride. Every lady wants to look dazzling this day. Standing before the choice of the dress of your dreams, we are guided primarily by wedding fashion. It is very important if a woman wants to look special and fashionable that day. Apart from the fact that wedding dresses should be in line with the current trends, they must first of all be properly matched to the type of silhouette of the future bride. This will not only highlight its advantages, but also distract attention from minor imperfections.

There are five main types of silhouettes: pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, apple-shaped, chalice and column-shaped. Each of them requires a properly selected wardrobe, especially when it comes to wedding dresses - so that the bride looks beautiful and feels comfortable. Below you will find some tips on what type of dress will be most suitable for each type of silhouettes.


Pear-shaped silhouette is characterized by small breasts, flat stomach and massive thighs. In this case, a classic dress with a wide bottom will be the most suitable, which will allow you to mask the thicker hips. A good choice will be the waist sash, which will emphasize the waist, so that the delicate shoulders will be more proportional to the rest of the body.


The hourglass is a silhouette with a clearly marked waist, proportional arms and hips. Ideally suited for women with such a figure are models of the fish type. These dresses emphasize all the qualities of a bride with such a silhouette.


Ladies with the shape of the so-called "apple" are people with extended arms, large breasts and lack of a scratched waist. It is a silhouette requiring a wedding dress, which will give it lightness and appropriate proportions. Perfect for straight dresses, with vertical stitching that will slim the silhouette or A-shaped dresses with a high waistline. It will not be a good choice of elastic fabric, which will cover the bride's body and thus emphasize the drawbacks of her silhouette. Much better will be airy fabrics not burdened with additional decorations. The décolletage should be in the letter V, which will slender and lengthen the neck.


The chalices are ladies with wide shoulders, but very narrow hips. To balance the wide shoulders against the delicate hips, it is best to choose a gown with a folded bottom. They will also work well with wrinkles around the hips, which will optically add centimeters to the area around them. Dresses with fully exposed shoulders are a mistake, so they are additionally marked.


The column is a very girly and delicate silhouette. The basis is the optical enlargement of the small bust and the marking of the waist. Ladies with such a silhouette fit almost all wedding dresses, they have a lot of freedom when choosing it.

If you are not sure what kind of silhouette you have, it may be helpful to visit the wedding dresses salon. We will be able to try on several styles, and thus we will judge in what we look and feel best. The salons are staffed by professional staff, who will also help us to make the right decision.


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