How do I choose a styling bag?

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How to choose XXL underwear?

Immediate diets, hunger strike or exhausting workouts are methods of quick weight loss that are forgotten. Today, women of size XXL can easily and painlessly profile their silhouette thanks to the appropriate underwear. Following our tips will make your abundant breasts and rounded shapes an asset.

How to choose a bra?

The basic feature of a well-chosen bra is its stiffness. The bra cannot move with every move, so it is important to choose the right size. Moreover, cups should be stiffened on each side, so that the breasts are properly profiled and do not flow out of the bra.

XXL women want to visually reduce their busts, so it is worth using a minimizer. However, the bra straps should be slightly wider so that wearing it is not an anguish. Before shopping it is also worth taking the measure off the circumference of the breasts and under the bust. The difference in these two measures determines the size of a perfectly matched bra. For a D cup the value is about 20 cm.

XXL panties

Never buy too much underwear because it looks unsightly. The best panties for XXL size ladies are high condition panties, which slim the belly. Stiffeners that lift the buttocks are also recommended. Don't use thongs or any other panties with cut-outs without reinforcement.

date lingerie

What underwear for a date?

Every woman wants to feel sexy and comfortable while dating. Ideal for this occasion will be a dark lace set. You can also use a wide t-shirt to hide your abdomen. Thanks to this solution you will look attractive and feel comfortable.

If you are able to make sacrifices in order to achieve a satisfactory visual effect, you can opt for a tight correction corset. To make the lower parts of the body more attractive, use shorts or lengthened panties. Remember, it's not about hiding the wide buttocks, but about making them your asset. Here are some specific tips on how to make abundant shapes an advantage:

  • Use unstretchable panties to flatten your abdomen and correct the width of your hips.
  • Wear a body shaping corset. Don't exaggerate with their stiffening - remember that it should always be comfortable for you.
  • Slim down your thighs with a pair of shorts.
  • Use stiffened panties with silicone pads to give your buttocks firmness and an attractive curve.


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