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Jewellery for women with alabaster complexion

Jewelry should be properly matched to the clothing, and above all to the type of beauty. Decorations that look great on dark complexion garments will not make a spectacular impression on women with alabaster complexion. So how to choose the right jewelry for women with light complexion?

Gold jewellery

The light, cool shade of complexion best matches white and pink gold jewellery. This yellow bullion will not look spectacular, but the opposite. The jewellery design itself should be delicate, it can also be minimalist - it depends on the individual preferences of the woman. One ring of white or pink gold with a diamond is enough for a bright hand. It will be equally successful to draw your hands with a pink gold bracelet and a few string bracelets - this type of eclectic approach works well while making jewellery. All you need is a delicate chain with a small pendant, which will symbolize happiness and is suitable for everyday wear - this variant will allow you to enjoy jewelry all the time.

Silver jewellery

This variant is much cheaper, but no less effective, because silver perfectly suits women with impeccable skin. In case of silver we recommend jewelry in size XXL - large bracelets or earrings wheels will be the best idea.

Bisuteria with precious stones

Jewellery with precious stones

On the skin of ladies with alabaster complexion, gemstones look exceptionally impressive. What stones should be recommended for women with light complexion? First of all, rubies - stones that give courage to make decisions, life energy and allow you to regain vitality. We also recommend emeralds, which have a soothing effect on ragged nerves, thanks to their magical green colour. The beauty of women with light skin is also emphasized by black onyx. It is recommended for people whose work involves a lot of physical effort or stress because it increases concentration levels and improves concentration.

Jewellery for little money

Women with alabaster complexion should put on color - the most recommended are red and black. When choosing visible and expressive jewellery you should decide to emphasize one part of the body - ears or neck. If you prefer ears, use long, hanging earrings with weeds, best suited for short hair or with the hair upside down.

You can also consider impressive earmuffs in many shapes and sizes - their originality is always eye-catching. If you prefer to decorate your neck, leather or velvet hocker will be a great solution.

So, even for a little money, you can decorate yourself with really beautiful jewelry.


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