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No sun? Find them in clothes and accessories!

In the winter months, the lack of sunshine is very severely affected. However, there is a way to introduce some warmth to your days! All you need to do is to enrich your wardrobe with the colour of the sun! In fact, we have a huge selection of yellow clothes and accessories.

Although Pantone has announced that the top colour of the season is the characteristic shade of violet, it is not possible to adjust to the great resonance of the hairstyles. Unfortunately, but when it comes to typical Slavic beauty, it does not harmonize with this color. On the other hand, the fashionable top is now going to be yellow. This sunny colour appears at the shows of the greatest designers. If Calvin Klein, Tom Ford or Celine brand believe that this is a colour worthy of attention, it will certainly be reflected in reality!

Yellow is the color of joy, of being open to others. Dressing in yellow before an important meeting, we have a chance that it will go our way.

Can anyone dress in a yellow color?

yellow coat

You can choose different shades of yellow, so you should choose one that matches your complexion to look radiant in it. Blondes with a very light complexion should choose whitened shades of cold yellow. Brunettes' beauty will be enhanced by a darker colour, such as mustard. Although it is not the easiest to choose a yellow colour for yourself, it is definitely worth it! Color has great strength and on cloudy, winter days can improve mood.

Which item of clothing to choose? The biggest area to show off is the dress. In fact, any cut will be suitable - whether it's a simple dress or with frills. It is worth paying attention to floral and pineapple patterns. When choosing a dress cut, it is best to follow the type of silhouette. Yellow is perfect for loose, lightweight cuts that provide freedom of movement. On winter days it is enough to add a sweater so that the dress does not look too loud. This sunny colour is a perfect match for brown shoes and characteristic handbags. If you don't know which shade suits you best, just wear a yellow skirt and wear a neutral blouse on top. Yellow can be combined with pale raspberry, caramel brown, pistachio or white cream. Until saliva drips at the thought of these colors.

If you are not convinced to wear this colour, start with accessories. Boho earrings or handkerchiefs are a perfect fashionable accent and always look good. This is a safe solution when you don't want to throw yourself into deep water right away. A set of shirt plus jeans and additional saffron accents is a great solution for formal meetings and evening outings. Lemon colour perfectly harmonizes with grey and black, which each of us has in the wardrobe. This combination is very popular in Scandinavian interiors, and Scandinavia is known for its simple but stylish solutions.

It is a good idea to introduce some sun into your hairstyles. If the rainy and cloudy weather doesn't encourage you to leave the house, break this yellow styling! Enjoy it!


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