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How to Choose a Perfect Handbag?

If you want to look stylish and attractive, you have to remember about the smallest details. Accessories – especially a handbag – are one of the most important elements of the whole outfit. Your bag says a lot about you and your approach to fashion. Here we present some of the things to consider while purchasing a brand new purse. It is highly likely that you end up carrying this handbag everyday for months or years, so use the tips listed below!

1. Occasion

The most important factor is the usage. What do you need this bag for? Will it be your everyday purse, a handbag for work or an evening accessory used once or twice per year? Casual style is all about natural look, florals, patterns and basket-weaves. Work style is both practical and stylish – such bug needs to carry laptop and other useful stuff. Evening purse has to be elegant and particular, so it can be more extravagant, for example metallic or shiny. Even such special purse needs some secure area for your phone, wallet and keys though.

2. Budget

Set the budget and stick to a price range that you have chosen. If you have a limited amount of money, look for a sale or maybe a clearance.

3. Color

Neutrals – nude, black, brown, navy – are always a good choices, especially for office. If you are brave enough, pick something more outstanding for special occasion. Red, gold and silver are great for cool months, while pinks, mints and other pastels are better for spring and summer.

4. Length

An area where the bag's bottom sits will be pointed out. Women with small, boy hips should pick models which sits exactly on this part. In opposition, customers with large hips will look much better and slimmer with purses which sit at their waist line.

Handbag size

5. Size

What do you want to carry with you? How much space do you have to store a purse or a tote at work? Don't simply follow the fashion in this matter – very small bags will get lost if they are worn on very tall girls. If you are quite short, oversized bag probably won't suit you as well.

6. Shape

Try to buy handbags which have opposite features to your body. Are you slim and tall? Rounded and slouchy bag will look perfect. Are you short and curvy? Choose a purse with strong angles.

7. Style

If you wear casual cloths mostly, you won't need very formal purse too often. To have better insight in that matter, look in fashion websites and magazines. Try to find models and celebrities with a style similar to your own, and then note the style of their handbags. Even if you don't like the color, size or material, probably it will inspire you to find your one and only model.

8. Material

Traditional leather is number one choice and it has its reasons, but you don't need to go that way. Consider a model made of fabric, natural fibers or saffiano leather too. A washable purse would be a nice choice too, wouldn't it?

9. Length of Use

If you look for a bag for one season, pick something inexpensive and trendy. Go to variety stores and accessories departments to find some inspiration. If you prefer something solid which will last for years, go to a department store or even get the sturdy and stylish model from the fashion designer.



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