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Powder dresses for summer - fashionable and comfortable

Powder colour is a real hit of 2018 and its reign will surely continue in the years to come. Powder dresses are more and more willing to be worn by ladies in spring and summer and no wonder - we feel confident and feminine in them, and this color is very easy to combine with other colors.

Spring and summer season is the perfect time to jump into our fashionable dresses to feel beautiful and fashionable. Powder dresses are great for work, date, family meeting or party - this color is very universal and can be successfully used in many situations. Powder dresses will be suitable for official office stylizations (e.g. pencil dresses), but also for hippie, sailor's or boho style.

Universal powder color will work well in most situations where we want to emphasize our femininity with a dress. There is no problem to combine powder dresses with a variety of summer and spring sets. You can successfully combine powder with black, navy blue or white and, depending on your choice, get a classic, navy or boho style. Pastel dresses can also look great with sports shoes, although it's certainly much easier for fashionable, feminine styles with sandals or balerinas.

Are you planning an elegant outdoor party? Or maybe you are getting ready for your friend's wedding? Powder dress, e.g. blown out, is a great proposal, which will allow you to feel elegant and fashionable at the same time. It is also worth paying attention to airy models of dresses to make it super comfortable. Lace models seem to be a hit, because they add a lot of sex appeal and sensuality, and they are fashionable and airy.

Very feminine are also powdered loose dresses, which we have already mentioned. This fashion is very fashionable this season, and in combination with silver or gold accessories will make us stand out positively on every evening occasion. It's worth noting that powdered dresses are great for tanning, so make sure you get a nice skin tone during spring and summer.

Interestingly, powder dresses are perfect not only for evening out with friends or a partner, but also for work. If you want to try this colour in the office, aim for fashionable summer dresses in a subdued cut and avoid extravagance (airy lace models definitely fall off!). Remember about professional dress, i.e. the standards that should not be exceeded in the office, at a meeting, etc. It is important, for example, that the fabric does not shine through, and if this happens, avoid expressive underwear that can shine through the dress. Lingerie with skin colour should work perfectly. So choose a fashionable powder dress with an impeccable and not too tight cut. It will be great to wear a loose-fitting or shirt dress.

As you can see, powder dresses are an elegant, fashionable and very universal solution. If you are looking for inspiration for this season, don't hesitate to take advantage of their charms. The effect at a business meeting, date or family party made of brick - without worrying about stylish faux pax.


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