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Leggins are a very stylish and comfortable part of your wardrobe. They are particularly popular among young women. Usually their styling is good, but there are also bumps. Fashion errors are easy to eliminate, you only need to follow a few simple tips that will make leggings look good at all times.

The most important, and at the same time the most basic principle is that leggings are not substitutes for trousers and should not be used in this way. It is a certain alternative to tights and only this is their function. Tights are an accessory and not the main part of the wardrobe.

The quality of leggings is also very important. The best look are those that are completely opaque, and the material from which they are made, will be good quality. Good leggings are those springy and with a large admixture of lycra. It is not worth saving on leggings, cheap copies are quickly destroyed, and thus begin to look unsightly - there are stretches and clearances.

ladies' leggingsSize is important, also for leggings, so it has to be carefully selected. Unfortunately, women often reach for undersized clothes, believing that a better fit will have a positive effect on the appearance of the figure. This is of course a mistaken thinking, even the best leggings, which will be too small, will look bad. They won't shape the figure properly, but they will pay attention to leg or hip imperfections. Too big leggings are also not a good solution, a woman in such simply looks childish.

When it comes to the length of leggings, there is some freedom in this case. Longer leggings, reaching the ankles, optically lengthen and slimmer the figure. Shorter ones can make the silhouette just look heavier. When it comes to styling, the top should not be too tight, short or transparent. What works best with leggings? Tissues, long sweaters and dresses. It will also work well when combined with a mini skirt.

Shoes are of course equally important when styling with leggings. Ballerines, classic pins, summer sandals or boots look good. It is better to avoid heavy boots such as anchorages, platforms or sports shoes and sneakers.

These are elementary rules for the proper use of leggings. There are, of course, issues that depend on taste or the type of opportunity. It is best to focus on simplicity and moderation. It is worth having smooth, dark and matt leggings in a wardrobe, but much depends on the individual style of each woman.


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