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What should be taken into account when choosing a bra?

The bra not only exposes the advantages of female breasts, it also helps to counteract posture defects and provides a sense of comfort. The right model is the key to well-being and beauty. Despite this knowledge, many women wear badly-fitting underwear.

We refute myths and in four steps we advise what to follow when choosing a bra.

1. one size for life

bra size

The shape and size of the breasts changes over the years and often after pregnancy or breastfeeding, weight gain or weight loss it is necessary to measure it again. Remember that the foundation for supporting the bust is the circumference of the bra, on which 90% of its weight is to be based. To determine the circumference, measure yourself with a tailor's measure, applying it directly under your breasts. From the result you should subtract 5 and compare your result with the table below (e.g. if the circumference under the bust was 73 cm, subtract 5, which gives you 68, and then you should assume that the appropriate size is 65). Equally important, but ignored by many women when choosing a bra, is to find a suitable cup. The times when we had to choose between cups A, B or C are gone.

The size structure has changed significantly, and the combination of dimensions can be more than 40. Among other things, bras with smaller circumferences, e.g. 60 cm and at the same time larger cups have appeared on the market. If you want to check the cup size yourself, put a centimetre so that it cuts the furthest part of the bust. Next, in the table of sizes we find a section with our circumference under the breasts and check the value matching the breast circumference - in this way we can see which cups will be perfect for us. However, if you are not sure about your size, let's take advantage of the advice of a professional brafitter, which is more and more often available to customers in lingerie shops.

2nd Push-up the best model for small breasts

Women have very different shapes of breasts. Do not assume that a bra emphasizing breasts, is not suitable for women with larger breasts. We should also remember that whalebones at the bra, often considered uncomfortable, is an outdated stereotype.

Modern whalebones model the breasts, giving them a neat shape and relieving the spine. The perfect cut should have underwires and cups cut from two or three parts. Let's not forget that in a well-fitting, even soft bra, the breasts look just as big or even bigger than in a badly-fitting stiffened bra. For smaller breasts, push-up bras are suggested, while for large breasts, full cups or semi-soft styles are suggested. However, it is worth trying on different models until we choose the one most suitable for our breasts.

3. back pain has nothing to do with a bra

Wearing the wrong bra can have a negative impact on health. The most common consequences of inappropriate bra selection are: blood flow disorders, pressure on the intercostal nerves, cyst formation and deformation of the silhouette. Ladies struggling with back pain or a defective posture should pay particular attention to the choice of a model that suits their needs.

modelling bra whalebones

Women endowed with abundant breasts have a tendency to tan, which is caused by the heavy weight of the breasts. Thanks to the correct selection of the bra, and precisely its circumference under the breasts, which perfectly supports the breasts, the maintenance of the correct figure will be much easier.

4. one model for every occasion

The last, but equally important criterion for selecting a bra is the individual need of the woman - e.g. the occasion for which a bra is needed. For dresses or blouses without straps, the best model will be the "bardotka" model, for outfits with a large neckline the "plunge" model, and when looking for a bra to perform many functions, from crossing straps to detachment, let's choose the multiway type. A bra model selected according to four simple rules will not only give us sex appeal and emphasize our strengths, but also have a positive impact on our health. In addition, let's not forget about the aesthetic aspects of our underwear. In Nipplex's latest range, every woman will find the right bra for her needs, and all models are characterized by a great attention to materials, finish and appearance. What is particularly important, the company has a wide range of sizes, available in more than 40 possible variants.


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