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What to put into the wedding?

Wedding is one of the most important events in life for many women. Since childhood they imagine what they will look like that day, what kind of dress they will put on, what flowers they will have, who will be the bridegroom. The key element of these images is, of course, the wedding dress. The bride has several options to choose from. You can order the sewing of an individual, dream wedding dress design, choose a ready-made model in the salon selling wedding dresses or buy a used copy.

Wedding dress salons often also offer shoes to match the dress, jewellery, hair decorations, handbags and other accessories. This is a convenient solution because you don't have to waste time looking for accessories to match your dress. It is worth seeing that wedding dresses come in many styles, of which each bride will find the perfect one for herself.

What styles of wedding dresses are in fashion?

One of the most popular styles of wedding dresses is the so-called princess. The top of the dress is a very fitting corset, very often richly decorated with lace, pearls or shiny crystals. The bottom is very impressive. It often consists of multiple layers of tulle and/or lace decorated with glossy applications. This dress fits perfectly to many types of figure and allows you to hide deficiencies such as wide hips or massive thighs. For several years, the mermaid's cut has enjoyed unwavering popularity. Such a gown is fitted from the top to the middle of the thighs or even to the knees, after which it expands to form a shape similar to a siren tail. Hence the name of the cut. However, this is a very demanding wedding cut and the bride who chooses it should have an impeccable figure so that the dress does not lose its charm.

What has recently changed in wedding fashion?

Wedding fashion offers many solutions. More and more often the bride and groom abandon classic visions of the wedding image and put on their own creative ideas. A wedding dress does not have to be long. It does not have to be white either. Young ladies also choose pink, red and even black dresses. The only limitation is imagination. The same applies to the additions. Veil is often replaced by a garland of fresh flowers, and bouquets are prepared from more and more diverse plants. Wedding dresses should be chosen by the bride early enough before the wedding to match them.

And what about the bride's outfit?

However, women's wedding fashion is not everything. The young man's appearance is also important. Men do not attach as much importance to clothing as women, which is why it will be useful to help the future bride in this matter. Still, the most popular are different suit styles, but more and more often men decide to buy a smoker or a tailcoat. For the chosen type of outfit it is necessary to match the shirt, which are available in many styles and colors. Most often, however, the choice falls on classic white, which perfectly matches other elements of the bridegroom's image. An important issue is also accessories, i.e. shoes, tie, fly, cufflinks.

It is also worth remembering that in addition to choosing the right styling, the bride and groom have to deal with the organization of many other matters, such as the wedding hall, the choice of team, photographer, cameraman and wedding attractions.


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