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Saving Money Like a PRO: How to Cut Your Expenses?

Saving money on everyday basis is not only about making automatic transfers to your savings account. It is also about little choices on how you decide to spend your salary. Read useful tips listed below, cut your expenses as much as its possible and see the big difference!

1. Give up luxuries

It's really wise to start right here. Just remove unnecessary luxuries from your budget. If you take expenses which are far from essential for granted, it's high time to change the attitude. Such change won't significantly impact quality of your life and the way you work. At first it might feel scary to get rid out of cable TV subscription or a gas-guzzling car, but if you once remove such expenses, you won't feel hurt at all. Switch to a thrifter phone service, change your car for fuel-efficient one and buy home furnishings and clothing from thrift stores or on sale.

2. Spend less money on food

Food-related costs can easily get out of control if you allow them to. At first, buying in bulk is more economical than paying for small quantities of food. If your expenses in this matter are high, get yourself a membership at your favorite warehouse retailer and take advantages of discounts. The most expensive solution is eating in restaurants, so try to limit eating out and cook your meals at home instead. Also: pick nutritious, fresh, cheap, seasonal food in your local grocery store.

how to spend less money

3. Opt for cheaper means of transport

Do you know that owning, running and maintaining a car can devour a large part of your income? Fuel for one month can cost you hundreds of dollars. Add to this all maintenance costs and licensing fees and you'll find out, why should you consider some alternative options. Public transit (subway, trams, buses, streetcar lines), bike or your own feet – all these choices are cheaper and more healthy options. Consider carpooling too (it allows members to share expenses) and book your plane and train tickets in advance to save more money.

4. Reduce your bills

If you're one of those people who accept their utility bills without asking any further questions, change it. There are many easy tricks to reduce your energy usage, monthly bill and amount of pollution that you produce. Don't use heating and A/C if it's not necessary. Switch on a small tan/space heater, open the windows or wear a warm blanket instead. Remember to turn off the lights when leaving the room or house (sticky notes as a reminders will do a good job). In addition, save some money to invest in good insulation and/or solar panels (it will pay with interest in the long run).

5. Avoid addictions

Addictions are not only harmful but also expensive. Bad habits may become almost impossible to defeat without professional help. Be kind to your wallet and body and avoid them like the plague. Don't drink excessively, don't smoke and – most of all – don't do any drugs. Cocaine, heroin or meth are deadly dangerous and incredibly expensive.

These are just some of the tips you should implement into your life. Obviously, you can do a lot more, for example have fun for free (read a lot, keep up on local events and enjoy your time with friends) or try to find cheaper housing. Good luck with cutting your expenses!


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