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How to Save Money As a Teenager?

Most of teenagers want to save money as soon as they can, and such attitude deserve for praise. We've all dreamed about new computer, phone, luxury purse or vacations at that time. But how you can effectively save if your income is pretty low? The answer is: every time you get an allowance, scholarship or extra money – put it aside!

Saving as a teenager: easy steps

Figure out how much money you'll get each week or month. Calculate your incomes, knowing what is the exact amount of your salary, pocket money or allowance.

Evaluate your expenses. How much do you spend every week or month? Is this a reasonable amount? What is the difference between your incomes and your expenses?
Find more opportunities to make money. You're young and you have a whole life ahead of you – don't be afraid of asking for some odd job. Tutor younger or weaker friends of yours, do somebody's dishes, mow neighbor's loan, bring the dogs out, wash cars... As you see, there are plenty of things to do.
You should try selling your old junk online too.
Get a schedule. How much time you can spend at those extra activities? If you establish some kind of weekly or monthly routine, it'll get much more easier.
A real part-time job is also a great idea. As a teenager you can work as a barista, waitress, paper girl/boy and many more.
Make a budget, control it and stick to it. Set an amount that you'd like to spend each month on your essential needs and desired items. Don't buy anything that goes above that number and save the whole difference.
Keep your savings on your bank account or in a container. Eliminate the risk of getting tempted to waste this extra cash. Useless things are lurking around every corner!
Congratulations! You saved enough money to buy whatever you wanted to!

save money


If you have set your savings goal and you want to achieve it, never buy anything you don't actually need.

Don't change your mind during saving money. Finish what you started and don't get distract by other (newer or cheaper) products. At the end of the day you'll be disappointed by such replacement purchase.
Always search for the cheapest deal available. Buying your dreamed of product in the very first store, if there is a 50% sale 10 steps further doesn't seem really reasonable, does it?
Don't buy gums and sweets in the cashier line – they're unnecessary, unhealthy and probably overpriced anyway.

Tips for teenagers

Be patient. You won't save big money as a teen and that's completely normal. It's all about learning how to be independent and creating good habits.

Never beg for money. Ask your parents or friends for help instead. Maybe they know someone who is looking for paid service?
Stick to the 30-day rule. Wait 30 days before buying anything and see if you still actually want it or you've grown out of it anyway.
Save and roll all of loose change you get and watch your progress every day!
NEVER give up. We've been all young and unemployed once and we know that saving money in such situation is a tough nut to crack. In spite of all, stick to your goal – otherwise you will regret it.



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