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One of the most frequently committed (despite warnings from e-business experts) is to start a business by inventing a product. This order seems natural to us. "Oh... I came up with a brilliant idea for a computer application. I'm sure it'll sell." And then there's the disbelief that something didn't work out. Meanwhile, in the right order, we can minimise our chances of failure.

Of course, a good product idea is important. And we often think that this is a guarantee of success. Unfortunately, this is not true. According to e-business specialists, before we start working on a product or service we have invented, we have to deal with its "basis". We should examine the market, develop a proper strategy and build our community. However, there are two interesting methods. The first (recommended mainly for experienced online entrepreneurs) is to sell a product that has not yet been developed. This is to check if there is a need for it. Another method is to prepare a sample of the product to see if it is attractive to the market. Then we will be able to find out if it makes sense to spend our time and money on it. No matter which method of product introduction we choose, we still have to prepare our e-business. And here's where the question comes in:

How do I do that?

First of all, you have to be patient. Nothing will come easily and quickly, sometimes you have to consistently and slowly build your "identity" and image. It may be useful to apply the division into stages that we should "pass" on our way to the top of our business. These are them:

  • Strategy,
  • Content,
  • Community,
  • Product or service,
  • Sale,
  • Process automation.

At first it seems complicated and difficult. However, in the above order everything is done naturally, step by step. Separation of individual elements may be helpful in the construction of the Internet business. They are:

Business strategy

Objective of business creation

Defining your business goals (both on a professional and private level) is important in order not to be disappointed with what you are doing over time. Every entrepreneur should know why he or she is starting his or her business. Does he do it in order not to be addicted to others or to have money or pursue his passions? It's important to stick to your goal. After a few years, nobody would want to "wake up with his hand in the potty" and realize that at first he dreamed of something else.

Guiding theme

Not only is it important to define the goal. It is equally important to choose the area in which we will move in our business. The main theme can be based on our passion or on something that interests us, in which we will specialize and develop.

Target group

What would business be without customers, observers and other interested parties? Finding your target group is crucial for success. However, you should focus on searching for the topic you are looking for, not the product you want to offer. Contacting the community builds its trust and gives us a customer base.


It is not necessary to know everything about it at the very beginning of your business. The most important is the willingness to learn and to gain knowledge and experience in a given issue. It is worth to determine in advance what kind of knowledge we will need in the future and take care to make up for it.


In addition to knowledge about the topic and the willingness to work, we also need resources. Before starting a business, we should think about what we need to do. This can be software, tools, hardware or manpower. Determining this will help us from the start.


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