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WHERE and WHAT to earn money over the Internet?

How to earn money and secure a good future? Or do you want to get paid? You need to know that not everyone who reads this article will be able to find the motivation to start immediately. The following article is a subjective collection of all the best ideas that allow you to make money.

Clicking on advertisements and completing surveys

Clicking on advertisements is a job that consists in registering on a specific website, thanks to which it is possible to earn money without leaving home - by sitting in front of a computer. Shortly after the registration process is completed, we receive various tasks to our e-mail address. This includes tasks such as playing certain games, clicking on ads, completing surveys or buying items in a store. The tasks facing the workers are really simple. Each day you click on the naley to spend about 60 minutes. You can register with several companies at the same time, thanks to which your earnings will be multiplied. How much can he make on this? Maximum 300-400 PLN/month.

Binary options

What is making money based on binary options? This is a very interesting method of making money. It involves trading in currencies, raw materials or stocks. In order to start earning money in this way, you need to have capital, which is then deposited into the platform of your choice. In order to be able to earn on binary options, you first need to know exactly this model of earning. It is also possible for us to lose money we have deposited on our side. The more knowledge we have about a given market (e.g. currency market), the more likely it is to achieve high earnings.

Trade in cryptovalutes

Cryptovalutes is another interesting method that allows you to earn extra money. As is the case with binary options, there is a risk of losing the invested capital here as well. So how to start trading in cryptovalculates? This is quite a simple activity. It is necessary to register on one of the large cryptovaltor exchanges. Then we buy the cryptovalue. We sell it when its price rises. It is also possible to replace the cryptowalut. There are 100 strategic options available. It's worth reading more about this before you decide to invest money How much can you earn? There's no upper limit here.

Keeping a blog

Making money on a blog

The easiest way to set up a blog is to use CMS Wordpress. However, before you register there, you need to have an idea about the subject matter. It's best if it's the subject we know about. In this way, the exchange of knowledge will be facilitated. You earn money on running a blog by adding AdSesne Google ads to the content of each article. Sponsored articles are also a very attractive form of earning money. As you can see, the blog offers a wide range of income opportunities. When we reach a traffic of 50,000 visits per month on the blog, the earnings will be about 1000 PLN.

Sync and corrections

If you know a language perfectly, it is worth becoming a translator. You can earn money by translating texts and magazines online. If you feel comfortable translating texts, it is worthwhile to become a sworn translator. This is because it allows to multiply one's earnings. There is also an excellent way to earn extra money. Earnings may fluctuate around 1,000 PLN if the activity is of a casual nature.

Computer graphics

In case you know Photoshop, Flash or Corel Draw graphic programs well and you have "it's something", the work of a graphic designer is for sure for you. The earnings of each graphic designer depend on the experience that you have in each of the listed programs. The higher the level of proficiency, the higher the earnings. At the beginning it is worth to design business cards and banners. Then you need to develop your workshop and gain new valuable skills. The profession of computer graphic designer is very promising, so invest in yourself today.


Are you interested in trade, but do not have enough money to buy goods? Here, dropshipping comes in handy. How does it work? Your task as a seller is to take care of excellent advertising for the online store that you represent. The rest of the issues (displaying goods or handling orders) are handled by the wholesaler. Your main task is to attract as many customers as possible to your store, who will be well targeted. This type of work can bring a salary of several thousand zlotys per month.


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