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TOP 5 tools for translation agencies

Language translation of texts is not the only area of activity of a translation agency, as it might seem. As is the case with many companies in other service industries, cost analysis, forecasting, creating databases of clients' subcontractors, as well as document flow is a constant ritual for each of the content translation agencies. In the era of high competition, automation of management processes is a prerequisite for proper work optimization. Below are a few examples of instruments facilitating the functioning and the possibility of maintaining a competitive edge in the translation market.

Quality control - Verifika QA

In order to gain regular customers, it is necessary to take care of the high quality of execution of the entrusted orders. For this purpose, Verifika QA (Quality Assurance) is an intuitive and easy to use program. This is a tool to check the translated text for terminological consistency. This function is strengthened by linking the relevant 'technical' language resources database of the industry from which the translated content originates to the programme. The program also captures punctuation and stylistic errors.

Translation memory support - Trados Studio

The process of translating large amounts of text requires appropriate management. Trados Studio is a useful tool for this purpose. The tool makes the work of the Pen easier by dividing the text into segments and storing each operation in memory. The program allows you to create and use professional glossaries, which is necessary to build a reliable translation of expert content from narrow scientific, technical and other fields. Trados also verifies the content in terms of terminological consistency and consistency with the source text of the figures and dates entered by the translator.

Translation of non-editable texts - ABBYY FineReader

Quite often translations of non-editable texts are ordered. This is not a big problem if you have ABBYY FineReader. The program recognizes characters from scanned book cards, photos and PDF files. Just select the appropriate fragment of the document, copy it, paste it into the editing window and you can start the translation process. By reformatting the text of the editable version, the tool allows you to count the number of characters, which significantly speeds up and facilitates the process of order pricing.

Import of terminology databases - Glossary Converter

Glossary Converter is a Trados Studio compatible, useful plugin for converting files. It is perfect if you have dictionary sheets in formats that are illegible to the program on which the translation is based. Glossary Converter instantly converts terminology resources to excel files and, if necessary, the other way around.

XTRF - comprehensive management of a translation agency

XTRF enables automated integration of databases and activities of particular stages of project implementation. It is a multifunctional tool, covering all aspects of a translation agency's work, such as accounting, order valuation, databases and financial flow analysis. The program enables working in the cloud and direct contact with customers and subcontractors via the platform. All activities take place in the "cloud", which allows for virtual office work and does not require additional archive of external data carriers.


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