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Which sports stopwatch to choose? Exercise interval stopwatch

During everyday training, as well as during various competitions, the stopwatch turns out to be an indispensable equipment. Thanks to it, we are able to better monitor our performance and introduce changes that will allow us to achieve better results.

Importantly, the stopwatch is an extremely easy to use device. In addition, it is small and lightweight, and therefore very handy. Of course, we must not forget about the high precision of operation and a few additional functions. All this means that we can use the stopwatch for running, cycling, swimming or even exercising.

What is the function of a sports stopwatch?

Of course, we must be aware that the use of this device is largely dependent on what it can do. Each model will, of course, measure time. Thanks to this, we can easily check how quickly we have covered a given distance or in what time we have performed a particular exercise or a given number of repetitions.

It is worth stopping here for a moment, because there are devices available on the market that measure time with different accuracy. The basic models do it with an accuracy of one hundredth of a second, but there are also devices with an accuracy of exactly one thousandth of a second - they will be useful for professionals and all those who want to measure their performance as precisely as possible.

What other functions can we count on when buying a sports stopwatch?

  • The memory of the times. This is a very useful option, especially when you are trying to beat your record at a given distance or when you want to check if the change of technique brings you any benefits in the form of better time. This function simply saves a certain number of recent times, so you don't have to save them anywhere. What is important, it is worth to check what is the actual capacity of the device we are interested in.
  • Meanwhile. Useful function to measure the time of consecutive laps or repetitions of an exercise. Standard stopwatches divide the whole section into two parts, in the more advanced ones we can measure a few or even several times.
  • Interval stopwatch. There are special models of these devices available on the market, which are dedicated to interval training, performed in such disciplines as boxing, weight lifting, crossfit or fitness. They allow you to freely program the intervals, which are indicated by the vibration of the device or by the appropriate sound. Thanks to the use of many additional options (e.g. setting the number of repetitions, entering time intervals), such equipment will be very useful.
  • Cruise control. We will find it mainly in advanced models of stopwatches. Allows you to set the number of repetitions of the generated sound signal on the selected time unit. Thanks to this we are able to perform exercises at different speeds.

Less advanced features include backlighting, time countdown, calendar, alarm and clock.

Which stopwatch to choose?

The selection of the device in terms of the supported functions is only half of the success. We have to pay attention to a few other issues that also affect the use of the stopwatch and comfort is use.

We should first of all remember that different types of stopwatches are available on the market. We can mention stationary (desktop), pointer (less and less common), digital models, as well as special handheld devices, which are characterized by small size (which in some cases is associated with certain limitations).

A good sports stopwatch should have an easy-to-read display and easy to use buttons that will enable you to activate specific functions. We must also not forget to check the specifications of the enclosure of the device. It is worth choosing waterproof models, which can be used in all conditions - over water, in rain, snow, always.

The best stopwatches - pay attention to the rankings

We can find several hundred different stopwatches on the market, so it is often difficult to decide which one will be the best for us. Various rankings, which present the most popular devices, as well as reviews and opinions, may be helpful in this process. From these we can easily deduce whether a model is really worthy of attention.

That way, we will certainly make the right choice. The right stopwatch will definitely make our daily workout easier. It will allow us to monitor performance, and in many cases it will show us how and when to perform specific activities.


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