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XTRF - translation agency workflow management software

In almost every field of the service industry, project management is a phased process that follows a strictly defined methodology. From the initial contact with the client, through the execution of the project, to the finalisation of the order, the project manager responsible for the execution of the project must be fully involved at every stage of the project. It's no different in a translation agency. How to speed up and streamline management processes?

Competition does not sleep

As in many other areas, the language services industry is highly competitive. Dumping and unfair market plays can be seen. In order not to fall out of the market while maintaining high standards and fair rates for work done, it is worthwhile to integrate all the processes of company control. One of the instruments supporting the dynamic functioning of business is the translation agency management program.

Translation agency management software

A staff of experienced translators cooperating with the company is undoubtedly one of the biggest assets of the agency. However, a stable administrative and preparatory background is needed for the smooth implementation of language services. Office work means searching for potential customers, contact with a new customer and running a database of regular customers. These are also accounting issues and many other back-up activities.

It would be difficult to achieve satisfactory profits by employing a specialist in a given field for each activity. Automation of control processes and their integration into one integrated system undoubtedly facilitates the task of company administration. One such tool for project management in a translation agency is XTRF.

XTRF System

XTRF is a powerful tool that facilitates the organization of activities of language service agencies, as well as translation departments of larger companies and corporations. The program allows you to control the project at every stage of its implementation, starting from the valuation of the order, and ending with the issue of an invoice.

From anywhere, anytime, anytime.
The programme XTRF was built using Java technology. This allows you to monitor and control your project activities from any computer and anywhere with network access. The automation of activities with XTRF significantly accelerates and facilitates the constant supervision of all activities and stages, enabling efficient work with more orders and shortening the time of individual administrative procedures.

Programme capacity to manage a translation agency

XTRF is a tool that integrates all the necessary planes of office activity on one virtual platform. It allows, among other things:

  • creation of databases of potential clients and regular clients,
  • creation of a database of translators and subcontractors, specifying their suitability for particular tasks,
  • execution of valuations and creation of price lists,
  • keeping a revenue and expense ledger,
  • electronic invoicing integrated with the customer profile,
  • analysis of financial flows,
  • creation of databases of technical dictionaries.

All necessary data is stored in the cloud, allowing easy access at any time of day or night.


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