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A healthy diet - the secret of beauty and well-being

It is common to say that we are what we eat and there is actually a lot of truth in it. The products we consume have a direct impact on our health, well-being and even appearance. It is hard to expect a slim figure, a beautiful complexion and a healthy body, when we eat mainly chips. How to introduce nutritional changes to make you feel better and look better?

A healthy diet does not have to be unpalatable

The belief that healthy food is certainly inedible is a cardinal mistake in thinking about eating. Vegetables, fruits, legumes, wholegrain products, and even dairy products and meat are products that remain light after proper preparation and at the same time charm with taste and aroma.

One way to introduce a healthy modification to the daily menu while still eating tasty is to replace sweet carbonated drinks and cardboard juices with home-made juices from fresh vegetables and fruits. In order to produce them you will need a juice centrifuge, but it is a purchase that will pay for itself quickly. The juicer will make it possible to prepare a variety of juices and purées, which will be tastier and definitely more nutritious than drinks from the shop. Home-made apple or carrot juices are not expensive and their taste and nutritional value cannot be overestimated. Another device that will help to press juice from larger and smaller fruits, and even nuts and seeds, is a slow-running squeezer. It's equipment that costs more, but has a lot to offer. Slow-running squeezers are now a hit among household appliances for preparing healthy drinks and liquid snacks.

Homemade juices are only the beginning of changes that can be made to eat better and at the same time to continue to eat tasty. Another dietary variety that is tasty are all kinds of mousses, smoothies and cocktails. The idea is not to drink a strongly sweetened milk cocktail with fruit, but to base on fruit and its natural sweetness, and to add a portion of vegetables to the product (e.g. sweet carrot, beetroot or kale) and possibly sweeten the whole with honey.

Other meals should be modified as well. Instead of eating fried meat, consider grilling or stewing it. French fries can be turned into water potatoes or baked in the oven instead of frying in deep frying fat. Such modifications will not make the food unpalatable, but will subtract all the calories and unhealthy fat from it.

Diet for health and beauty

An organism fed with junk food (only sweet and salty snacks, fast food, sweetened drinks) will not be as healthy as an organism provided with a variety of nutrients, vitamins and microelements - no doubt about that. It is not about giving up every culinary pleasure in the name of health, but about changing unhealthy habits and making unhealthy meals sporadic.

An unhealthy diet affects not only possible overweight, but also the fact that our complexion does not look too good, hair greases and nails are brittle. Instead of rubbing in a whole range of cosmetics, it may be time to make friends with fresh fruit and vegetable juices, which will be helped by a good slow-running squeezer. People who eat lightly and healthily also enjoy a better mood - smaller stomach, liver or intestinal problems have a direct impact on their mood, energy to act and vitality.

A little bit of movement will not harm you either.

A sedentary lifestyle, spending time in front of a TV set and a computer are the factors that influence worse digestion, worse mood, problems with the spine, and even the body weight and life energy. It is difficult to counteract this only with an energy cocktail. A healthy diet is not everything yet - it is also worth taking care of a bit of exercise.

Exercise, active sports or even longer walks are the best medicine for many ailments. You don't have to jump into tight gym attire and squeeze sweat out of yourself at the gym, but it's worth starting with small things - walking, cycling, fitness exercises, and with time we may get appetite for even more movement. It is also worth remembering that in the case of overweight people, too intensive physical exercise or a wrongly selected type of activity can have a very bad impact on the condition of the joints (if in doubt, it is worth to buy a training with an individual trainer or discuss details with a physiotherapist).

Concern for a better diet and frequent physical activity is an expression of taking care of oneself. The better we are in physical condition, the greater the chance for a healthy, active and long life. Of course, healthy food and exercise are not a guarantee of a hundred lives, but they will certainly make life of a higher quality, and possible health problems will not be a consequence of our negligence in such a fundamental issue as nutrition.


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