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Cannabis seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors, so we have outdoor and indor versions, which we literally translate from English. As you know, both types have their advantages and disadvantages, and the decision you make will depend on the conditions you have at your disposal.

Here we show you how the seeds differ from outdoor and indoor seeds. They are only educational, because in Poland marijuana breeding is illegal and therefore we do not encourage to break the law, because there are serious legal consequences.

Outdoor - outdoor growing

Many people do not have the opportunity to grow indoors and therefore choose to move to fresh air using the available climatic and weather conditions. Outdoor cannabis seeds are intended for outdoor growing and have a high yield. If the conditions are good, it will be possible to grow up to one and a half kilograms. This is because they have access to natural light and excellent aeration. The downside, however, is that we have a much higher risk of getting ill with the plant and therefore we need to reach for resistant varieties of this crop, but bearing in mind that the exposure to mold will be large and other pests too. You should also remember to choose fertile soil and places that will give enough sunlight.

Advantages - natural light and natural water - there is no constant care - yields will be higher - cultivation is cheaper and requires less work - it is an organic crop

Disadvantages - young plants need to be prepared to be transferred to the sun and used to it - growing only for the summer season - plants exposed to pests and moulds - sometimes you need to irrigate the soil, apply fertilizers - in bad weather conditions you should take care of the cultivation - yields may vary depending on the weather.

Indoor - growing indoors

The variety of such seeds is prepared for growing indoors. Most often they will produce low yields, but you can count on them to be abundant. The advantage is also that they mature quickly. Internal seeds need light, so cultivation will require powerful artificial lamps, which, however, have a big disadvantage, because they generate expenses for electricity and a lot of heat, which for a human being will not be comfortable. The more light the higher the yield. But be careful that the plant is not too close to the hot light, or it will be damaged. Indoor growers often experiment with light and look for the best solution. Many of them are looking for ways to achieve even better yields from their plants. There are a lot of these ideas, including providing the plants with conditions in which the buds will grow vertically under conditions in which the stem will grow horizontally. Here you can talk about a concrete adaptation to the conditions in which the plant will grow.

Advantages - control over the crop and what the quality of the crop will be - no dependence on the weather - the crop can be grown all year round and therefore there will be several harvests per year - the crop will ripen quickly

Disadvantages - one room has to be devoted to and adapted to the crop - the crop needs constant care - the conditions have to be controlled and adjusted to the growth stage of the crop - the crop requires the use of lamps and thus its costs are higher because it will increase the costs of electricity. The final decision about what to choose depends on who is growing the crop and what opportunities it has.


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