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What are mineral cosmetics?

Makeup is an important complement to the styling of many women. Some of them cannot imagine leaving home without mascara or foundation, others use facial make-up only for special occasions. Properly made and not exaggerated make-up, can be a true facial decoration, highlight the strengths and correct imperfections. However, there is a question of the influence of make-up cosmetics on our complexion. Unfortunately, it is not very advantageous. Fortunately, mineral cosmetics are irreplaceable in this situation.

Effects of cosmetics on the skin

Make-up is an invention that makes many women feel confident and more attractive. It should be remembered, however, that everyday use of makeup from conventional cosmetics is not a good idea. Many makeup products have a very unnatural composition and although they look beautiful on the face, after washing them off we can see that they do not have a beneficial effect on our skin. It is worth noting that many cosmetics create an environment conducive to the development of bacteria and microorganisms on the skin. The preservatives, colouring agents and fragrances contained in them irritate the skin and deteriorate its appearance. In their composition we can also find talc, oil, waxes and silicones. This makes conventional cosmetics clog pores and prevent our skin from breathing. So what if we look attractive with make-up, if our skin looks very bad after washing it off? We probably don't want to lead to a situation where without makeup we won't want to show up even the closest ones. It should also be noted that unnatural cosmetics are particularly inadvisable for people with various skin problems. They should not be used by people with acne and hypersensitive and atopic skin. Cosmetics of this type can also cause various allergic reactions on healthy skin and make it problematic.

mineral makeup

Mineral cosmetics - what does it mean?

Mineral cosmetics are the answer to the need of women who want to reconcile skin care with the use of make-up. It is a combination of medicinal minerals such as mica, zinc, potassium, calcium, silicon, copper and clay. It is worth noting that their action does not boil down to decorating our face. Mineral cosmetics also have properties accelerating healing, moisturizing, antibacterial or reducing sebum secretion through the skin. Thanks to this, when applying make-up, we simultaneously care for the skin. This is an extremely beneficial solution considering the fact that conventional cosmetics have the opposite effect - they can dry out, sensitize and cover pores in the skin. The main advantage of mineral cosmetics is their natural composition, exclusively plant or mineral origin. What is more, they are so delicate that they can also be safely used by people with allergies and after dermatological and cosmetic procedures. Mineral cosmetics do not contain preservatives, silicones, parabens, artificial dyes or aromas. This makes makeup safe for our skin and more durable at the same time.

Mineral cosmetics store

It is already worth replacing your usual make-up cosmetics with mineral ones, which will take care not only of the appearance, but also the health of your skin. Mineral cosmetics will make you feel more natural. They're vegan and not tested on animals. Now you'll get them in some of the better cosmetics dealerships. You can also take advantage of the offer of online shops specializing in the sale of this type of products.


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