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Hemp is a sexually distinct plant, i.e. there are male hemp and female hemp plants. Marijuana seeds are produced if male marijuana plants pollinate female cannabis plants. Cannabis seeds usually produce about half of the male and half of the female cannabis plants. If female cannabis plants are not pollinated (because male plants will be removed as soon as they show their sex) then instead of marijuana seeds, cannabis plants will produce cannabis alone, without seeds, called sinsemilla which literally means 'without seeds'.

Pollinated female plants that produce marijuana seeds begin to die when the seeds are ripe. The seeds are then harvested and used to produce hemp seed oil, food products or for growing more hemp plants.

When marijuana seeds are feminized, this means that about 99.9% of female cannabis plants will grow out of them rather than half of male and half of female marijuana plants, thus eliminating the problem of accidental pollination by male cannabis plants.

In our shop, all seeds are feminized.

You can legally buymarijuana seeds in Polish stores like ours. Other countries where cannabis seeds can be legally sold include Spain where most marijuana seeds currently come from on the market or the Netherlands where it all started. Other popular countries are England and Canada.

Commonly known as ganja seeds or marijuana seeds are easily accessible in many European countries. In the USA, depending on the individual states, marijuana seeds can be purchased at medical or recreational marijuana outlets.

Polish law allows you to buy 100% legal marijuana seeds, but you cannot grow cannabis. In recent years, marijuana has become legal in many countries for both medical and recreational purposes, but in Poland, unfortunately, we still have to wait a little while longer for marijuana to enter your garden legally. 

There are many products on the market for hemp. Cannabis seeds are light and small in size, making them ideal for transport.

The most important thing is to allow the seeds to fully mature before they are harvested. Cannabis seeds must then be stored well in a dark, dry place. 

It is very important to prevent moisture from entering the seed, the service life is also extended by low temperatures. Following the example of the best seed growers in the world, we store hemp seeds in sealed containers at 5 degrees Celsius.

If you keep your marijuana beans loose, without tight packaging, then the best thing to do is to put them in a decent, sealed jar with a rubberized closure and hide them in a dark place like a cupboard.

The seeds are considered fresh and fully healthy for about a year and a half after harvesting, in which case their germination rate should remain at about 95-100%. Then the drop in germination rate is noticeable but the drop is very slow, well stored seeds will germinate at around 80% even after a few years. 

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