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How to choose the ideal mineral base?

It seems that most women already have their favourite cosmetic, which they use very often. A mineral base is an important discovery for many women. Most people, when they know him, don't want to give up on him. And what is important, it does not concern only women with imperfections on the skin. Issues such as acne, blackheads, enlarged pores may appear. How should I choose a mineral undercoat that is really perfect?

What skin type?

The first basic issue is to consider what type of complexion is, because the choice of a suitable primer will largely depend on it. It is now possible to distinguish dry complexion, which is naturally dried, can be peeling, dull and devoid of radiance. Normal skin is light in colour, smoothness, lack of discolouration and dilated pores. It will not require any special intervention in the form of super-coverage. Mixed complexion is a skin that will have a tendency to dry and oily skin. Skin of this type can have smelled pores, so it will always be a good foundation that can absorb excess sebum. Oily skin is the complexion that will become oily and may have acne lesions, blackheads, which can be associated with bad epidermis cornification, sebum secretion. It will also not be true that it is a kind of skin that is for heavy foundation. You can then choose a proposal from the mineral matting series. Mature skin can be dry or oily. They are always connected by the fact that with age it will lose its firmness, wrinkles will appear on it and with age the skin will be more sensitive and much more susceptible to allergies. It will be important to use an undercoat from the covering series.

Mineral foundation - what formula?

With formula selection, it will look easier than with shade selection. If someone has a skin that does not cause problems and is looking for an even colour, he or she will be able to opt for a formula that will lighten up. Such a foundation gives the complexion a full shine. If the skin greases and may shine, you will need to choose a mattifying formula, which is able to hide imperfections.

The right brand of primer

Of course, it will also be worth paying attention to the brand of the primer. You will have to check the price, opinions, colour ranges, brightness. All of this is important for the way a decision is made. We get different colour groups, including different brightness levels. You can look for a suitable finish, a good level of coverage. On the market we will find both opaque and less covering products, which have a matt, satin or illuminating form.

Advantages of mineral primer

What shade of shade

If the shade of the skin is in the porcelain form and we choose the first of the palette in the primers, such a mineral primer must be chosen also in this case. When it comes to darker complexion you will be able to choose medium or dark foundation.

Weather-adapted primer

This is very interesting, but the mineral base is also chosen for the season. Therefore, changing aura can make expectations change. In summer, when you have a beautiful tanned face, the temperature is high, you rather apply a light foundation to not burden your skin. In addition, it simply has to protect against radiation. In winter, when there will be severe frost, the wind will need to opt for a dense underlay, which will be much more covering.


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