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Winter is a difficult time for our skin, as the weather conditions such as low temperatures and dry wind can have a really negative influence on its well-being. That is why, it is so important to learn about proper skin care routine during winter and make sure that cold weather won’t be our problem anymore. Of course, every skin type has different needs, but there are some rules all of us should follow to get through this specific time of the year. So here are some winter care tips for your skin.

1. Cleansing

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare during the whole year, and particularly in winter. You need to do it at least two times a day, to make sure that your skin will be in shape all the time. The products you use should match your skin type, but when temperatures drop low, you may consider cleansing your face with cold milk and cotton ball once in a while as it prevents skin dryness. Also, make sure to use lukewarm water because it doesn’t rub off too many natural oils from our skin.

2. Toning and moisturizing

Another step after cleansing is toning. To make sure that your skin’s pH level won’t be disturbed, use mild toners appropriate for your skin type. Thanks to it, you will remove any dirt left on your skin, tighten it and prepare for another important thing, which is moisturizing.

You should make sure to moisturize your skin every day, as it is essential if you want to keep it in good health and condition. But make sure that your moisturizer suits your skin’s needs and doesn’t contain too much chemicals, which may actually give the reverse results. If you like natural solutions, use for example almond or extra virgin olive oil.

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3. Protection

During winter we are usually less concerned about the sun and how it effects our skin. But we need to make sure that it won’t be harmed by UVA and UVB rays, which get through the clouds even in winter. That is why, you should also wear sunscreen, especially if you plan to spend the whole day outside, for example skiing.

4. Hydration

Most of us tend to drink less water during winter, as we do not feel thirsty and also we prefer some hot drinks like tea or cocoa. They are also good for us, but our whole body needs as much water as possible to stay healthy and in good condition. Because of that, we should make sure to drink a lot of water every day. It hydrates the skin from the inside and keeps it in good condition, thanks to which it becomes more resistant to cold and remains glowing.

5. Exfoliating

By using scrubs we get rid of dead cells that accumulate in our skin and prevent moisturizers to get into its deeper layers. During winter we shouldn’t exfoliate our face skin too often, but we also cannot forget about this procedure at all. The best solution is to use mild exfoliating scrubs once a week. That way we will keep our skin in a good condition, but at the same time we won’t expose it to abrasion, which leads to excessive skin dryness. It is also a good idea to prepare our own scrub using natural ingredients.



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