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Make-up with natural cosmetics

Finding natural cosmetics is definitely less of a sales offer than traditional products. Fortunately, this is slowly changing and many brands are already interested in this part of the market. Now you can find natural cosmetics that you will need to make up your face. Prices are not higher than those of drugstores, so most will be able to buy them.

Who can do the natural make-up?

Here, the answer, as it seems simple, is a proposal for fans of organic products for people who are struggling with skin problems. The composition of natural cosmetics will be more skin-friendly, but it can also happen so that these cosmetics will have a negative impact on the skin. Examples of ingredients that can be sown in the composition include denatured alcohol, which is a natural preservative. It will also be good to check the composition also in natural cosmetics, or those that have quality certificates. A large group of proposals presented here are mineral cosmetics, which are most often in a loose form, less often compressed. Compressed versions have additional components.

Natural primer

If you are looking for a natural foundation, you will be able to choose between mineral products. They have a loose formula. If you want to cover your face occasionally, you can apply several layers of mineral primer on points. Mineral concealers in the form of thick opaque cream will also be available on the market. Such a formula will be more suitable for application under the eyes than a loose one. Pure minerals often emphasize dry skin. Good skin hydration is always the basis for a successful mineral makeup.

Natural primer

It is a rice powder, bamboo, based on mice, cellulose, white clay. These powders are in the form of a white powder. Thanks to it you will be able to get a matt coverage and indeed the effect will be perfect.

Natural pink, brozer, illuminator

Products in loose form, which allow you to create a great color combination. The disadvantage of this formula will be a high probability of occurrence of colored dots in undesirable places. Pressed cosmetics are also quite often proposed nowadays solutions that will be convenient to apply.

Natural facial cosmetics

Natural eye shadows

The situation here is similar to that of roses, bronzers and floodlights. The shadows have a loose formula, so you will be able to mix them and thanks to this you will create many different colors. With 2-3 colours you can create up to a dozen or so different shades.

Natural ink

It will be based on oils and waxes, thanks to which lashes will be nourished and well moisturized. They will also be expected to gain in flexibility and thickness. The ink application is no different from that of conventional cosmetics.

Natural nail polish

This is a difficult issue, because the very application of varnishes presupposes that they will be chemicals. Varnishes without these substances are available on the market. We have formaldehyde or parabens there. However, it should be remembered that such varnishes have a lower durability.


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