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Palette of eye shadows for blondes. Which colours will work best?

Are you light or medium blonde? So you have a Slavic beauty. Are you wondering how to emphasize it? You will be helped in this by cosmetics chosen according to your type of beauty. Colours and tonality are important, especially when it comes to eye make-up. Which eye shadow palette best suits blondes? Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

An important point to start with is that it is you who ultimately decides what fits and what does not fit you. Therefore, when choosing eye shadows, you should be guided by your own preferences. With modern make-up, especially evening or artistic make-up, you can afford a note (or more) of madness! However, if you want to choose the shade colors to suit your type of beauty, read more.

How does hair colour affect my choice of eye shadows?

Hair colour determines to a large extent which colours of colour cosmetics are right for you. Remember, however, that "in the game" there are a few other elements. It's about:

  • Eye colour - eye shadows can "conquer" or dim the natural colour of irises,

  • The tone of your complexion determines to a large extent whether cold or warm tones are more suitable for you.

But if you're blonde, probably:

  • you have light skin,

  • you have bright eyes - green, grey or blue,

  • your hair tone is rather warm.

There are colors that work better with this type of beauty than any other.

A palette of eye shadows for blondes every day

Since you have a "light" type of beauty as a blonde, you should keep to the gentle shades when applying daytime make-up. The kind that will add energy and "life" to your face, not overwhelm you. Bet on what? For blonde women with daytime make-up, for example, the following are suitable

  • matt shade palettes in light pastel shades

Ideally those with both warm and cold shades from the 'nude' area. Remember, however, that "nude" in the interpretation of the most important brands from the world of beauty is not only beige and brown. The range has also been supplemented with roses, reds and peach shades. Many pallets in the "new nude" style can be found, among others, in Sephora perfumeries.

  • palettes that offer shades in gold/champagne tones with a satin or even light glitter finish

It will perfectly illuminate your eyelid. Remember to apply glossy shades on a matt base for a more "three-dimensional" effect.

If you want to make your daytime make-up look clearer, you can use the darkest shadow on the palette to create a thin line at the eyelash line or just use an eyeliner.

Evening makeup for a blonde - what kind of eye shadows?

When you have a big exit ahead of you, you can afford to make your eye look expressive. Always fashionable smokey-eye, or maybe a cut-crease make-up in intensive colours? It's up to you. However, make sure you choose the right shade of colour for your shade.

For tonight, pallets will be a bull's-eye:

  • with darker and more intense colours - for example, cold blondes will look great in turquoise and cobalt shades (an absolute hit!), and for warmer ones in reds, violets and redheads,

  • With glitter shades that look phenomenal on cut crease, and in the corners of the eye - blonde is well matched with pink gold, champagne gold, but also pink or mint shades that shine - remember only to apply them to glitter glue or concealer, preferably with your finger to bring out the most shine.

As you can see, there are many good answers to the question of which eye shadow palette works best for blonde hair. Therefore, dare to experiment to find your own style. If you choose a good quality palette, you will conjure up a makeup that will be a hit!


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