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Aesthetic dentistry - what is it?

Perfect looking teeth, on which there will be no stains and discolorations is a dream of many people. In addition, there is a desire for perfect occlusion. Unfortunately, nature is malicious and unfortunately not all of us can boast of such teeth. At present, however, we can use aesthetic dentistry, which will support people who are not satisfied with their teeth. So what will aesthetic dentistry be?

Dental aesthetic - services

This is a branch of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance of teeth. The procedures offered include teeth whitening, correcting the shape and colour of teeth with veneers or crowns, filling in missing teeth by using implants. Such procedures make it possible to enjoy a beautiful smile without any drawbacks. This translates not only into appearance, but also into our well-being. Remember that bad-looking teeth also affect our self-esteem.

Tooth whitening - the most popular methods of teeth whitening

One of the most popular procedures nowadays is teeth whitening. It is the brightening of the tooth colour in such a way that it does not lead to damage to the enamel. In modern dental surgeries, lamps and gels or a special laser for teeth whitening are used. Such methods allow for quick and safe overcoming of discolorations. Treatments are painless and do not cause discomfort to the patient. It is worth emphasizing that the effects will last for a long time.

Dental teeth whitening

Dental lifting

It is a proposal which is a form of effective facial rejuvenation without the use of plastic surgery procedures, which are invasive in nature. It leads to the fact that soft tissues of the face are supported by the application of special solutions for restoration of teeth and bone structures. Thanks to this, regardless of the age at which the patient can be expected to be able to model the appearance of the face. Dental lifting can only be performed by experienced dentists, who also have the appropriate theoretical knowledge. The final result consists of the work of prosthodontists, orthodontists, specialists in conservative dentistry, implantology.

Veneers to improve the appearance of teeth

If you are interested in aesthetic dentistry, you should also mention veneers, which are a simple way to change the appearance of your teeth. These are special pads, which are made of a thin layer of material, i.e. porcelain mass. This is the best option if they are not equal, there is damage. They will also help to overcome unsightly gaps between the teeth, which are also sometimes quite a problem.

There is no denying that aesthetic dentistry gives us many possibilities, which ultimately lead to the fact that we can enjoy a perfect smile. The range of currently offered treatments is very wide and so you can talk about a suitable proposal for each patient.


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