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Aesthetic dentistry - what will you gain from it?

Probably most of us have already heard about the fact that aesthetic medicine gives us a lot of possibilities. But that's not all, because in terms of aesthetics, dentistry is also developing more and more. The possibilities that aesthetic dentistry has nowadays are also significant and are constantly developing.

1. tooth whitening

There are few people who have perfectly looking white teeth. The most common tooth colour in Poland is white falling into yellow. This is where aesthetic dentistry will be such a solution, because it has developed methods that can effectively carry out a variety of whitening treatments, which really bring great results. Treatments make the teeth lighter even by a few shades. In the case of dead teeth, it will be possible to insert a whitening agent into the crown, which will be replaced every few days until the appropriate effect can be achieved. In a short time dead teeth can be perfectly white.

2. tooth veneers

Another procedure in the field of aesthetic dentistry are also porcelain veneers. They are used when the problem is a crushed tooth, which starts to look bad. This is why an appropriate addition should be made. The use of porcelain veneers is nowadays a very popular solution. Thin flakes are applied to the labial or cheek surfaces of teeth.

Aesthetic dentistry

Correction and contouring of teeth

Rarely do ours to be perfectly equal. It may happen that the crushing occurs or that the crushing breaks. Then modern aesthetic dentistry will really be an important help for us. You can change the length, shape of the tooth, by the so-called contouring, through which the doctor will grind the tooth and give the appropriate shape with diamond drills. After the procedure, the teeth will be well profiled and indeed the effects that can be achieved will be perfect, and at the same time everything will be natural all the time.

4. dental implants

In the era of modern dental solutions there will be no more problem if there is a loss of teeth. Also then you will be able to enjoy a full smile. The solution in this case will be, among other things, an implant. A small titanium cylinder that is implanted into the bones of the bones of the bristles or jaws. There, the supragingival part is fixed, for which the crown is then prepared. In this way you can guarantee such a realization, which looks great and will work very well, so this option is worth choosing. Unfortunately, implants have such a disadvantage that the cost of their preparation is very high, so not everyone will be able to afford such a solution, especially when the shortages are significant.


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