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Endermology - the way to cellulite?

Fighting cellulite is not an easy fight, and common ways, such as movement and diet, are sometimes not enough. Behind this is the complex origin of cellulite and phenomena unfavourable to women, which may cause it and maintain it. Sometimes it is worth to help yourself with the achievements of aesthetic medicine and take advantage of modern treatments, which will allow you to break down deformed tissue faster and more effectively. Particularly recommended is endermology - a specific massage performed with the use of vacuum? Is it really possible to count on spectacular and long-lasting effects?

What is endermology?

Endermology is not a complicated or intrusive procedure. It is a mechanical massage performed with the use of special heads equipped with a gentle suction system. Vacuum stretches tissues and breaks down adipocytes or fat cells. The resulting substances are excreted from the body in a natural way.

A single endermological procedure lasted about 30 - 45 minutes. However, one has to be prepared for the whole series - one treatment will not bring any visible or even more permanent effects. The combination of endermology, diet and exercise brings spectacular results, confirmed by research.

Endermology - effects

Cellulite is a very troublesome condition, caused by many different causes - sexual hormones, water retention in the body, stress, genetic susceptibility.... the list is really long. Cellulite, popularly known as "orange peel", consists of fat cells separated by connective tissue. It appears on thighs, stomachs, buttocks, even arms. Many women have to deal with it.

Endermology helps to break down cellulite, although to see the effects, it takes from 12 to 25 sessions. The effects of endermology are really good if combined with a proper diet and proper movement. Endermology eliminates swelling, makes the tissue more elastic, smoothes the skin and improves its appearance, as well as patient's comfort. It is associated with the loss of fat, so it improves the proportions of body parts and reduces their circumferences. It can be an effective equivalent of liposuction in people in whom its implementation is not advisable. Naturally, the effects are also influenced by the initial state - people who are more overweight or with more developed cellulite (which does not have to go hand in hand!) usually need more treatments.

Endermological procedures are also used to alleviate joint ailments, muscle pain and swelling. It is also an auxiliary treatment after liposuction, because it improves blood circulation and stimulates the body to produce collagen.


Endermology - contraindications

Removing cellulite with this method is unfortunately not recommended for everyone. Who should not decide on it?

- persons with skin diseases and inflammations,
- pregnant women,
- persons with varicose veins,
- people with cancer,
- patients using anticoagulants.

It is worth preparing for the treatment by drinking 8 glasses of water a day a few days before the treatment. This habit is also useful in the process of maintaining the results achieved. The treatment is not painful, it can cause at most uncomfortable feeling of pressure.

Endermology - opinions

Opinions about the endermologic procedure are very beneficial, the patients generally praise the results. In order to enjoy its full effects, you also need to change your lifestyle. It is not enough to repeat the treatment every month - permanent changes in the diet and more movement will be necessary. It is worth noting, however, that this is a very effective treatment, one of the few realistically reducing the visibility of cellulite.


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