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How to change day make-up into evening make-up? Learn about the make-up tricks!

You've got all day's work behind you, and you've got an evening out. Don't you have time to prepare the perfect make-up from scratch? It's not a problem. With a few simple tricks, your daytime make-up will quickly become a real metamorphosis. See how to make this transformation happen.

What makes daytime makeup turn into evening makeup? While the one you do for work or shopping looks natural and only subtly emphasizes beauty, the evening one is intense and expressive. He's the one who gives your styling a touch of character. So what to do to create it - especially in a maximum of several minutes? It's easier than you think.

Good makeup on your face is essential.

If you know that daytime make-up is going to turn into evening make-up, focus on permanent and well-executed make-up of your face. It's all about the foundation you're going to apply, plus the concealer and the fixation of the whole.

If you want your make-up to look radiant for a dozen or so hours, a medium coverage light foundation, such as that offered by Annabelle Minerals, is a good solution. It tones the skin down well, is valued for its durability, and at the same time provides a natural glow. This effect, caused by adding gently shiny particles to the formula, will make you look young, fresh and natural.

Remember to:

  • Apply the lightening foundation on a well cleansed, speellized and moisturized skin that has been prepared by the application of the base,
  • apply your foundation with a good quality brush or sponge, "stamping" the skin - then the cosmetic will blend in better and will adhere to it better even for many hours,
  • Apply the correct shade of concealer to the illuminating primer - in places where additional coverage is required,
  • Fix the whole thing with powder and, optionally, mist fixing makeup.

From daytime makeup...

It's also important how you do your daytime makeup. If you want to ensure a rapid transformation:

  • opt for a very delicate eye make-up, which you can quickly strengthen (without having to do makeup removal) - gently brush your eyelashes, apply delicate shades in the tonality of boredom or even skip them at all,
  • Do not contour your face too much or apply too much pink - this will make it easier for you to make a change in the evening.

...for the evening.

You're home now and you're getting ready for the big outing? Here's what you can do to change your makeup.

  1. Start with the eyes. To deepen your daytime make-up and make it clearer quickly, you can use an eyeliner to draw a clear, long line with a "swallow". (French style), plus use darker shadows to make a quick smokey-eye.
  2. You can add artificial eyelashes or simply add 1-2 layers of thickening and lengthening shade.
  3. It's face time. Take a good look at what the foundation looks like. A good cosmetic should look pretty flawless. If necessary, cover the imperfections with a thin layer and powder it with matting powder.
  4. Do more contouring with a bronzer, pink and (necessarily!) a light bulb. Give it a strong glow at the top of the zygomatic bone and just above the eyebrow arch.
  5. The secret of your success is stronger lipstick make-up. Replace a delicate lotion or lip gloss with a permanent lipstick with a matte or semi-matte finish. Shades of red, burgundy, purple or deep pink will work well.

It will take you literally a few minutes to make the corrections. So little is enough for you to be ready for the big exit!


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