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6 Tips On How to Choose the Right Foundation Color

Every makeup lover wants too look absolutely perfect and flawless, but we tend to have our whims depending on the day. Sometimes we prefer a dramatic, full coverage, while at other times we are more into a lightweight and luminous finish. Regardless of whether it is a workday or a weekend, finding a good, matching foundation color is essential. The selection of cosmetics on the market is huge like never before. Currently you can choose from products in basically all shades. Follow our simple guide to nail it!

1. Identify the intensity of your skin color

What is the intensity of your skin shade? It is about how deep or light it actually is. The intensity can be bang or medium, however most likely it will lay somewhere in between. The choice is wide: on the one hand light (very light, light) and mediumshades (light-medium, medium-deep), and on the other hand – deep shades (deep and, finally, very deep). We are rarely sure of it immediately. If you're unsure about the intensity of your skin, compare its color to some photos stored in Google Graphics base. See how models and celebrities with a skin similar to yours describe their intensity.

2. Find out what your undertone is

You know the intensity, now it is time to determine the undertone. To do it, look at your bare skin and find out if it's more golden or rosy. In the first case we are dealing with a yellow toned, and in the second case with a pink toned skin. Usually golden shade means a warm undertone, while rosy shade evokes cool undertones. If you can't decide and your skin is more like a combination of the two, probably your undertone is simply neutral.

Right foundation color

3. Take tanning into consideration

In today's world we sunbath a lot – we get tanned because of the sun and due to the solarium. The thing is, you can't match the foundation with your natural color if you're tanned all the time. Choose a shade which is right for your skin color, but the one you really have the most often. Unusually pale color will make you look like a vampire or a with a cartoon character with a visible mask.

4. Test it on your face

Many women tend to test the foundation on their hands. Test some swatches of the best products on your face instead – on your jawline, to be exact. Go with the closest match which isn't visible on your skin. Your complexion should look amazing, not your foundation!

5. Ask the professionals for help

Many makeup counters, like in Sephora and similar shops, offer you a possibility to consult with a professional. Nowadays we've got such technological miracles like digital machine that can reveal your perfect foundation shade or identify the best formula for your needs. The consultant might be very helpful– he or she will tell you what your skin type is (dry, oily or normal) and show you a product which suits your expectations. Matte or luminous finish? Sheer, full or medium coverage? There are so many decisions to make that help will definitely come in handy!

6. Try it for at least a few days

10 days trial will be perfect. Don't feel rushed while buying your foundation. You should test it in different lights and settings, check how it looks in the pictures, and so on. Get it right, girl!



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