Composition of mineral cosmetics

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Is make-up healthy?

Many women completely cannot imagine leaving home every day without make-up. Every woman wants to look beautiful, young and healthy. However, the question arises as to whether everyday make-up will not rule out health? Is it really a good thing for women?

The most important thing will be the care of

If we want the make-up to look perfect and our skin was taken care of, we should remember to take appropriate care of it. Before applying make-up, we must prepare our skin well for it. Among other things, it will be important to wash it thoroughly. It is better to avoid water and soap, because the skin dries out so much. For cleaning it is worth to use foams or gels for washing, then you should tone your face. Thanks to the tonic we can expect that our complexion will be refreshed, matt and illuminated, so it will be prepared to apply make-up.

If you have sensitive skin prone to allergies or irritations, you should think about hypoallergenic products. If the tonic will cause facial redness, it is better to give up on them in favour of thermal water or micellar fluid.

Of course, it should be remembered that the choice of cosmetics will also be important. Those from the higher shelf are usually a bit better prepared and should be a good choice. Certainly it is worth checking the composition to control whether there is an excess of chemical additives, dyes and preservatives in a given cosmetic. Currently, mineral cosmetics are a great hit, they are 100% natural and that is why they are so willingly chosen, they protect us completely against all irritations. Enriched with macroelements makes it a great option that can help in our fight against imperfections. Certainly, their use should be taken into account, because thanks to this you will be able to effectively take care of their complexion focus mainly on naturalness.

Face care

Make-up removal no less important

The biggest and most common mistake made by many women is to leave their make-up overnight. It is the night when our skin should rest, when it has a moment to regenerate and that's why you can't leave make-up. If the make-up removal is not done in the evening, blackheads and blemishes appear. If mascara remains on the eyelashes, it can cause irritation or even conjunctivitis. The same applies to the eyeliner, which can crumble at night and get into the eyes.

It should also be remembered that it is necessary to choose cosmetics that will fit our skin, only then you can have a guarantee that nothing surprising will happen.


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