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Menopause is a period in which the body of a mature woman gradually changes from a fertile to an infertile state. During this time irreversible hormonal changes occur. The pituitary gland begins to reduce oestrogen secretion and the ovaries stop releasing eggs. This is a natural process that you should not be afraid of, but unfortunately it is associated with a number of unpleasant ailments.

At what age does menopause begin?

According to the statistics, most women enter the menopause at the age of 51. However, depending on genetic conditions, health and living conditions, some women may start much earlier (even at the age of 40) or later, only at the age of 55. Similarly, the degree of severity and duration of symptoms takes place individually for each woman.

What are the first symptoms of menopause?

The first symptom of the onset of the menstruation process are menstrual disorders, manifested by a change in the frequency and amount of blood flowing out. A very characteristic symptom are hot flashes, or merging later without a clear reason. These symptoms are caused directly by a reduction in the level of estrogens. Other signs of menopause include insomnia, frequent mood changes, anxiety, tiredness and mood fluctuations (from euphoria to apathy) and osteoporosis. The effect of slowing down metabolic processes is also an increase in body weight.

Specific cases

Some women go through the menopause really hard. Fortunately, these extreme symptoms happen less often, but they are particularly unpleasant. These include memory and concentration disorders, urinary incontinence, frequent headaches and dizziness, pain in the breasts, muscles and joints, aggravation of allergy symptoms, disturbances in the balance of the body and fainting. Many ladies struggle with skin changes such as itching, dryness and peeling. Hair loss, cracking and nail breakage occurs. Some women cannot come to terms with an unfavourable change in the appearance of their bodies and a significant reduction in their image, which causes them to become depressed.

Treatment of menopause

Although the menopause is not a condition, it is possible to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of the menopause with appropriate therapy. It is necessary to visit a good specialist. The most commonly used hormone replacement therapy is based on taking appropriate doses of estrogens and progesterone. Pain relievers and antidepressants are also used, which have a positive effect on anxiety, mood changes and reduce sudden hot flashes. Most women, however, use homemade methods based mainly on the use of medicinal properties of herbs, such as medicinal goat, melissa, hops, martyr, soya or evening primrose.

Menopause is a natural and inevitable phenomenon in every woman's life. In order to pass through this period in a relatively mild way, it is worthwhile to familiarize oneself not only with the symptoms of climacterium, but also with other unpleasant ailments that may occur during this period, such as vaginal dryness, frequent intimate infections or erosions.


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