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Mineral makeup and its advantages

Mineral makeup is a special type of makeup, which is made with completely natural cosmetics. These are loose powders, primers, bronzers, eye shadows and others. This makeup has a very gentle effect on the skin, not clogging its pores and allowing it to breathe. It leaves it healthy and radiant. What advantages can still be found in it?

It is very subtle for the skin. Admittedly, the application of such cosmetics takes a lot of time and is a bit difficult, but it gives a captivatingly good effect. Below you will find tips on how to choose your first powder, concealer or mineral foundation.

Mineral cosmetics - for whom?

The biggest advantage of this type of cosmetics is the fact that they will work with any type of skin. They will look just as good on dry and oily skin. They are valued by women with acne and oily skin because they take away excess sebum, do not clog pores and are antibacterial. They are also suitable for sensitive, delicate, capillary skin, prone to allergies or atopic dermatitis. They will have a great effect on the skin that has undergone cosmetic treatments.

Advantages of mineral cosmetics

The above mentioned many advantages of this type of cosmetics, but it will not hurt to repeat them:

- they have a simple and natural composition - they consist of mica, zinc oxide, iron, titanium dioxide,

- they do not contain substances that could harm the skin - they do not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, mineral oils and other substances,

- allow the skin to breathe without clogging the pores,

- can be used on allergic skin because they do not cause allergies,

- do not give the effect of a mask, but they hide well,

- hide imperfections,

- are easily attached to the skin,

- Thanks to them, the skin is illuminated and always fresh,

- Absorb too much sebum,

- have an antibacterial, astringent and dehumidifying effect,

- The make-up made by them is durable and can last up to 10 hours,

- the colour of the cosmetic can be matched to the colour of the skin, mixing different cosmetics together,

- are efficient and last for a long time,

- are given a long period of validity,

- protect the skin from the sun's rays.

Defects of mineral cosmetics

Minuses of mineral cosmetics

If you have just decided to use this type of cosmetics, you should know what disadvantages their use has. Their disadvantages are:

- uncomfortable application - they have a loose texture, so they are applied longer than classical ones. First pour the primer or powder onto the lid, scoop on the brush, then shake off the excess and only then apply a thin layer. These steps are repeated several times to achieve the desired effect,

- dropping from the brush - they can stain clothes, the table or the sink,

- makes dry skins visible - loose texture affects the visibility of skins, so the skin must be properly moisturized and cared for,

- It is possible to apply too much of a cosmetic product - after some time, however, you get to know how to use it,

- special brushes must be used.

Mineral cosmetics have definitely more advantages than disadvantages, so it is worth trying them out. Perhaps this article will interest someone and convince them to do so.


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