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Secrets of beautiful skin - powders and mineral foundations

Mineral cosmetics are becoming more and more popular today - natural, with simple composition, durable, with beautiful colors. They are eagerly chosen by all those who want beautiful make-up to go hand in hand with healthy skin, and not only to cover the imperfections that are still appearing. What to know about natural cosmetics, for whom they are intended and is it difficult to apply them?[Minerals - what is it?

The natural composition of mineral cosmetics is due, as the name suggests, to powdered minerals. Their composition should be short and must not contain parabens, oil, talc, silicones, preservatives, fragrances. Mineral cosmetics (especially popular are powders, bronzers, roses and eye shadows) are always loose products. Thanks to their simple composition, they do not cause any sensitization or irritation and do not clog pores. They are perfect for people with problematic, acne or atopic skin prone to allergic reactions. They can be successfully used after aesthetic medicine treatments, without fear of deterioration of the skin condition.

Makeup and skin health can go hand in hand

Is it possible to use powder or foundation every day without worrying that the pores will eventually become blocked and painful, difficult and long-lasting blackheads will develop? It is possible - when mineral cosmetics are chosen for everyday make-up. Large particles of minerals do not penetrate the skin, they remain on its surface. They are also air-permeable and can be easily and thoroughly washed away. Some of the components they contain absorb excess sebum, matting, or create a natural and healthy barrier to UV radiation. Zinc oxide, which is often a component of these cosmetics, helps to heal inflammatory states and prevent the formation of more.

Mineral primer

Minerals - what and how?

All minerals are purchased in the form of powder, which is contained in a container with a screw cap and a sieve. To put them on, pour a little bit on the lid of the jar and scoop with a brush. The product is applied with stamping movements from the nose to the ends of the face. Minerals are considered to be difficult to apply and the form of powder may seem uncomfortable. It is worth knowing, however, that the mineral powder adheres well to the skin and remains there all day without spilling or abrasion. Thanks to this consistency it is not necessary to use any particle adhesives, which could also have a bad effect on the skin. Thanks to this formula, you can also buy sets and individual ingredients to create the perfect cosmetic for your needs - there is no problem with brightening powder or darkening the eye shadow.


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