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What don't they like about eyes?

computer and eyesightThe vast majority of our compatriots do not pay attention to the prevention of sight in everyday life. Unfortunately, bad habits are often duplicated by us and this does not help our eyes. How should we take care of our eyes every day so that we don't have problems with them?

The research that was carried out not so long ago showed that even 40% of our compatriots visited an ophthalmologist earlier than two years ago. However, around 7% of our compatriots have never done so. Among them there are five habits, which unfortunately cause serious eye problems. Among other things, long staring at the computer screen without any breaks is an error that occurs frequently. If we are staring at the screen we often forget about the appropriate distance and do not make breaks during which we can look at some objects that are far away. The problem is also the dryness of the eye, which cannot be underestimated. This is a symptom that very often appears in people who spend a lot of their time at the computer. This is a serious eye problem that needs to be dealt with somehow. The solution is to use special eye drops and take care of proper moisturizing of the room, which is important especially in an air-conditioned office. It is also worth taking care of your eyesight to use some glasses with anti-reflective coating.

a visit to the optician


Underestimating visits to the ophthalmologist

It's a problem for many of us. Often we go to the doctor only when we already feel that something is wrong and we feel pain. It's the same with ophthalmologists. Most of us avoid visits until we can see our eyesight deteriorate. In reality, however, only regular visits to the ophthalmologist will be a solution that will allow us to respond appropriately when problems arise that we may not yet feel. In fact, it is very important to have constant control, which makes it possible to diagnose problems quickly. Then there may be a quick reaction, thanks to which specific problems with eyesight can be repaired.


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