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Adequate feeding for dogs of all ages

Most people treat their dogs almost like fully-fledged family members. It is worthwhile to maintain this approach also with regard to their nutrition, which is extremely important. If our four-legged friend is properly fed, he will certainly be not only healthier, but also happier. The question arises here, however, how should a dog be fed properly and how large portions of feed can be given to him?

As many people certainly know, in a proper nutrition of a pet is important not only the quality of the food that we feed it, but also how often it receives it. A well composed diet, containing all the ingredients necessary for your dog, has a huge impact on the proper functioning of his body, so it should be adapted individually to the individual animal.

How to feed your dog?

Dogs under 6 months of age should receive three portions of food each day, preferably in the morning, afternoon and evening. Wherever possible, care should be taken to ensure that the food is fed at fixed times in one bowl, always in the designated place. This gives your dog a sense of safety, but he's also more calm when eating food and the digestive system works better.

As you can guess, when your dog stops growing, his nutritional needs simply change. What nutrients and in what amount our four-legged friend needs depends on many different factors. Among them, it is worth mentioning how big the animal is, how many years old it is or what is its physiological condition, and therefore whether it is pregnant or lactating, growing, adult or aging. In addition, it is worth mentioning the pedigree characteristics of the pets, such as the rate of metabolism or the length of the coat, and the lifestyle of the dog, and therefore whether it is a hunting dog or a dog taking part in cynological sports.

how to properly feed your dog

That's why we must always remember to make sure that the composition of the food given to the dog is properly adjusted to his needs. Unfortunately, many people still feed their pets with leftovers from lunch, but this is definitely not a good thing to do.

How often should I feed my dog?

In the case of a significant proportion of adult dogs, food should be given to them once or twice a day. However, it is important not to give food to four-legged animals immediately before or after any physical activity. This can result in a twisted stomach, especially in some breeds that have a predisposition to this type of condition. Therefore, we should pay attention to leave a two-hour period from meal to activity.

How to feed your dog properly?

Although many people still practice such behaviour, unlimited access to food and giving your dog leftovers from lunch are very bad habits to get rid of. If we continue to do so, your dog will develop bad habits, but it may also have an impact on his condition. If your dog receives treats during training as a reward, these should be included as part of the daily ration.


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