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Dog cake - recipe

Dog cake is an increasingly popular idea. Nowadays, many people choose to add variety to their birthday presents for their pet because they treat them as a family member and not just as a pet to keep an eye on the house. What ingredients can a dog's birthday cake contain?

Dog cake

A dog cake is usually not the same as a human cake. Dogs are often unable to eat ingredients such as sugar and some sweeteners. It is also worth remembering that even chocolate intended for dogs should not be served in too much. Nuts and grapes are also not recommended. Dog cake must also contain no milk, usually because of its lactose content and raw eggs, which can be the cause of salmonella infection. Fortunately, the cake for your pet can be prepared without the above mentioned ingredients, and in addition, it is quite simple.

Dog cake - recipe

One beetroot, mascarpone cheese and dog biscuits are all you need to prepare a dog cake. If your dog is on a low-fat diet, it is best to replace mascarpone cheese with a lean cottage cheese. If there is no need to do so, it is worth remembering that mascarpone cheese can be made by yourself - then you can be sure of the quality and ingredients it contains. The same is true for dog biscuits.

dog cake

How to make a cake for a dog?

If you have all the ingredients, you just have to make a cake for the dog. Beetroot should be diced and cooked for about thirty minutes. It is important that the beet is soft, so it is worth checking its condition with a fork. Then mix the boiled beetroot with 140 g mascarpone cheese using a blender. Alternatively, you can wipe the beetroot on a sieve or wipe it off on a grater with small eyes and stir manually. The resulting mass should be reasonably uniform.

Any container can be used as a cake tin, e.g. after a cheese or other product has been used. Put the remaining 140 g of cheese or cottage cheese on the bottom. Then a layer of cheese mixed with beetroot. Another layer of crushed dog biscuits. A layer of cheese and beetroot should be placed on top of the top again. The principle of laying the layers is exactly the same as in the case of cold cheesecake, i.e. the last layer is actually the basis for the cake. After 45 minutes in the fridge, the dog cake is ready.

Meat cake for the dog

An alternative to cheese cake is minced meat cake. Unlike cheese cake, the minced meat cake must be baked before serving. Apart from the meat itself, one can also add eggs to it. To add calcium to your meal and make the cake look more aesthetic at first glance, grind the washed egg shells and sprinkle them on the top of the cake.

The above mentioned provisions are only proposals. The owner of the dog can use his own idea, but should take into account whether the ingredients needed for the cake are also good for the health of the pet.


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