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Dog's uremic uremic from symptoms to treatment. Complete guide

Each element of the human or animal organism has specific tasks and functions. When any of them ceases to work correctly, the work of the entire body is impaired. For example, kidney function is to participate in the metabolism and production of urine. They also take part in maintaining the acid-base balance in the body. If the kidneys do not work properly, there are many health problems. First of all, the body is not able to get rid of the toxins it receives. Additionally, the production of certain hormones and vitamin D is disturbed.

Dog's umbilical umbilical cord

Urea - also known as chronic kidney failure - is a disease that seriously impairs the functioning of this organ. The disease is incurable. Among animals, it mainly attacks cats that are genetically predisposed to expose them to such dangers. Kidney failure can be both chronic and acute. Acute form usually occurs due to sudden factors such as food poisoning. However, if treatment is undertaken quickly enough, the disease is curable as far as possible. See the thread on the forum: Dog's uremia + additional disturbing symptoms

Is dog's uremia treatable?

The acute form can change into chronic especially if the help comes too late. There is a risk that the kidneys will completely stop producing urine and the body will no longer be able to excrete urine. If chronic failure occurs, the chances of a complete cure are reduced to zero. However, a great deal can be done to ensure that the animal can live a normal life. It is very important to take care of your dog's diet. His health will also need to be kept under constant review. Your vet will prescribe the right medications to help keep your dog healthy. It is also not uncommon for dialysis to be necessary - this is the case when the kidneys stop working completely.

Dog's uremic ulcer - symptoms

Uremia can manifest itself in a variety of ways. This disease leads to the impairment of many different processes in the body. There are many disorders that are strongly associated with kidney failure and are often associated with it - this group includes cancer, inflammation, amyloidosis, babesiosis, hyperkalcemia and diabetic nephropathy. While every dog can have kidney failure, there are breeds that have special predispositions for this disease. The disease attacks mainly large dog breeds, such as golden retrievers, Bernardines, German shepherds, Bernese shepherds and samojeds. Smaller dogs with a predisposition to disease include, for example, boxes.

Dog's uremic urethra symptoms

Dog's uremic uremic - does it hurt?

The symptoms of the disease usually mean that the body is unable to cope with the toxins that accumulate in it. Higher blood pressure can also be observed in urea; the heart stops working properly. A dog with uremia starts to urinate more often than usual; traces of blood may also appear in the urine. There are vomiting and diarrhoea. The dog becomes lethargic and weak, may have trouble walking. Symptoms such as dementia, lack of contact with reality and itching occur because of the impairment of the nervous system. In the case of chronic kidney failure, the impairment of the function of this organ progresses gradually. The result is disturbed hormone production and lack of proper blood filtration, which in turn leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Kidneys can function for quite a long time even if their function is partially impaired. On the one hand, it gives us more time to react and treat. On the other hand, it can cause the symptoms to be noticed too late. At the very beginning, urea is virtually impossible to recognize, because there are no visible symptoms. When individual kidney cells are damaged, "backup" cells immediately appear to replace them. But when this supply runs out, the organism becomes practically defenceless. The only way to diagnose early stages of kidney failure is to test your urine.

Dog's uremic ulcer - treatment

To ensure a comfortable life for your dog with urea, you need to take care of his diet. It should contain relatively small amounts of protein and phosphorus. There are currently special foods available on the market which have been specially formulated for dogs suffering from this disease. Ready-made diets can be found on: Wet veterinary diets for dogs with kidney failure. If a dog is cared for, a long life with an illness will be possible for him.


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