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BRAF - a diet based on raw pet food

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food, or BARF for short, is the world-famous model of feeding our four-legged pets in a natural way. Polish translation is Biologically suitable raw food.

Braf Diet for overweight dogs

The BARF dog feeding model is based on feeding raw and fully natural nutrients of animal origin. These are meat, bones, offal or fish, dairy products and eggs that have not been industrially processed in any way. This model is based on the natural diet of these animals and can also be supplemented with raw fruit and vegetables. It is often used for animals struggling with too much weight, as it allows them to return to the right weight.

Ian Billinghurst, the veterinarian who described the BARF model, assumed that in the case of dogs, the same principle should be followed as for rescuing endangered species. Therefore, if we want to provide the dog with the most optimal diet, it must be suitable for evolutionary adaptation.

Therefore, in the case of dogs, the BARF model is based on the feeding of wolves. Despite the fact that dogs were domesticated, their digestive tract and physiology were not modified as a result of evolution. Therefore, the composition of their diet should be similar to what wild dogs and wolves eat and in what amounts. The BARF therefore assumes that a dog should only be fed raw food that is as similar as possible to what it would eat in its natural conditions. This diet is therefore based on meat, bones, intestines and raw vegetables and fruits. All this, of course, in appropriate quantities and proportions.

Braf Diet for diabetic dogs

dog braf sla slave dietA properly composed diet of an animal struggling with diabetes is primarily a nutrient that is known and necessary, but also an ingredient in the diet that has not yet been described. Your dog's body is adapted to a specific food with good bioavailability. This makes the food easily digestible, but also does not cause any negative effects on the health of the dog, such as allergies, food intolerance or problems with the immune system.

The BARF model is quite similar to the holistic concept of nutrition, in which pyramids of healthy nutrition are created. According to its assumptions, what counts is not only the full analytical composition, but also the variety and value of the food. Therefore, a natural diet does not provide a set of isolated amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, but in return our pet receives the healthiest, because natural and unprocessed artificial food.

The basic elements of a diet based on the BARF model are bone-in meat, meat itself, including fish, offal and selected fruit and vegetables. The dog is also fed dairy products and eggs. Your dog's diet can also be supplemented with natural dietary supplements.

Braf Diet for dogs with sick liver

Since the BARF diet is entirely made up of natural ingredients, experts in the field believe that it can effectively protect your dog from many diseases. It is about kidney or liver disorders, for example. What is more, it can be used even in dogs that already suffer from cirrhosis. It should be remembered that such a diet should be introduced slowly and adjusted to the individual features or health condition of the four-legged person. In this situation, it is essential to consult a doctor, carry out appropriate examinations and observe your dog. The caregiver should see how his pet reacts to individual components of such a diet, especially at the stage of its introduction. It's important to consult your pet's doctor on an ongoing basis, because it's all about the health of your pet. So let's not do anything on our own, but let's better consult a specialist, which is a veterinarian or an experienced breeder.


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