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Braf Braf, Miau Miau - diet for the cat

Since cats are carnivores, their diet should contain an appropriate amount of protein of animal origin. That is why it is so important to always carefully check the composition of the food we provide them with. It is also possible to adjust their diet in such a way that it is as appropriate as possible.

The BARF diet, especially for dogs and cats, is becoming more and more popular among cat owners. The food that is given as part of this diet consists exclusively of raw products that are not heat-treated. They are, of course, prepared in the right way so that the dog or cat can eat them.

Braf Diet for the Cat

In the BARF model, the four-legged diet is based solely on raw nutrients that are not processed. In order for the animal to be able to cope with eating some of the products, they can be chopped or ground. The BARF concept is based on the conviction that cats should eat what they would eat if they lived freely. The proportions of meat, bones and offal must therefore be appropriate. All this in quantities that reflect how much such a cat could hunt on its own.

Braf Diet for the cat - recipes, guidelines

As far as cats are concerned, the BARF diet states that we should supply them with meat and bones in the greatest quantities, which can account for up to 75% of the total diet of these cats. In the case of meat, we should freeze it before giving it to your cat, because then we will get rid of the germs. Bones should be ground, because unlike dogs, cats are not always able to cope with them. Pork should also be omitted from the menu, as the germs it contains can lead to rabies infections in the cat. Its symptoms resemble rabies, but it is not dangerous for people.

how to maintain a cat's braf diet

Next, your cat should be given offal, which accounts for 15% of a typical diet, and additional ingredients, such as eggs, yoghurts and oils, in the amount of about 10% of the whole menu. However, 5% of it should be vegetables and fruits, which also need to be ground so that the cat's body can cope with their digestion.

In fact, the BARF diet can be introduced in all healthy cats. As far as those who suffer from some diseases are concerned, it can be applied to those parts of them, in which the menu does not affect its course. According to experts, the BARF diet has a positive effect on the strengthening of immunity in cats and improving their physical condition. Cats are in better health and less likely to develop various types of disease. Thanks to the diet, the dentition condition of these pets and the oral cavity in general is better, while in the case of long-haired cats, the hair does not fall out in such large quantities.

If your cat has a weakened immunity or is still very small, you should provide her with extra oils and vitamin preparations if necessary in the BARF diet. Of course, in this case you should consult your vet, as too many of certain ingredients can also have a negative effect on them.


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